I did this with some guy on the internet. I am jenre_uk!

Let me know what y'all think

<jenre_uk> yo yo i'm laying back wiv this bitch sucking me off/grabbing on her knickers trying to take 'em off/wanna get to her pussy and eat it out/and she sucking good im bout to cum out/uu
<HOTGUY_2003> went down her knickers lookin for her clit/soon found out i couldn't find shit/lickin up and down/stuck it up as she gave a frown
<jenre_uk> a frown? man i slapped the bitch/cus i aint bout to take that shit/im a 3 minute muthafucka/no bother to use rubber/cus i burn a hole straight through it when i fuck 'em/
<HOTGUY_2003> ha ha ha/whippet cock/fucked her hard lock stock rock ma cock couldn't stop/lasted all night/she looked like hell on a friday night/the bytches pussy was no longer shit tight/
<jenre_uk> her pussy was so fuckin lose after HOTGUY/that i had to fuck her up the ass all muthafuckin night/but i dont care if i cum up her pussy or her ass/as long as i get mine and smoke my grass
<HOTGUY_2003> after you smokin ya grass/and fuckin her up the ass/ i could here the bytch screamin/i couldn't comprehend a meanin/put ma finger on the trigga/shot down the dirty ass hood rat wigga
<jenre_uk> dirty ass hood rat wigga/talking to me or the bitch dat got my finga/the finga that was up her cunt/she burnt it off wiv my blunt/so i could finga her from miles away/cus she suspicious that her boyfriends gay
<HOTGUY_2003> im ridin past wheelin drug dealin got the cravin needin fast sports cars im stealin/i like to use the word T.H.I.G.G.A/ aint no disgrace to any race who be comin up in ma face gettin in a high speed chase with the law/ the realist mother fucka that you ever saw
<jenre_uk> saw got 2 meanins but its the other 1 i do/to racist muthafuckas who/call blacks ******z/they must be thick as/their mummas fat ass/make sure they neva get any mo grass
<HOTGUY_2003> ma new word thigga iz dead rude/it goes by "The Hate In G's Give Attitude/spread it round tell your hoes/tell your foes/but make sure everyone knows that it came from hotguy/better be no askin why*
<jenre_uk> yo HOTGUY you might be asking why/im on the FHM site lookin at hot pics of Sarah Manners/sorry Sarah wheres my fuckin manners/i shouldn't be jerking off in front off you/maybe you can give me hand would you?

This isn't the tightest shit I have done. I have more better shit.