Please let me know what you think whether it's bad or good.

It was the first rap I wrote properly but I have improved since (I hope):D i burn rubber on these honeyz and thats the rubber on my condom, cus i burn a hole straight through it when i fuck 'em/cus i fuck 'em so hard i burn a hole/ so the condoms useless that why y'all/know somebody wiv one of my kids/ man they probly all on acid/i wish yall muthafuckas would shut up/so i dont have to come fuck up/yo face and yo ass yeah i'll bust 'em up/cus this muthafucka not givin a fuck/any hot chicks shout Staticpony/nah why donít yíall just come over to me/dont tell me to shut up/or i'll have to come fuck up/u and any muthafucka that diss me/most of da honeyz wanna kiss me/in places u never dreamed of being kissed/man i fuckin' gotta be pissed/but i know i'm high cus i smoke da weed/any hot chicks shout Staticpony/slaughter of the king nah its slaughter of the queen/but it donít matter cus she don't do a thing/she just sit on her fat ass withering away/ cus she's bout 80 so she gotta die some day/some day soon, so lets all hope/but theres one walkin dead and he called the pope/so smoke some dope/wiv the pope/cus he wanna be high/when that muthafucka die/but I fink he allready dead cus he look like a fuckin zombie/ but anyway let me tell u a story about me/ I got pist one night and slept wiv a fuckin nazi/her name was rita but she looked like Tom Clancy/one fuckin shag and she wanted to get married/I told her to fuck off but she got her daddy/a 7 foot muthafucka wrapped a baseball bat around me/so I ran down the street like never before/then one day I heard a knock on my door/it was her fat ass daddy told the cops I was the baddy/told 'em that I raped his daughter/got my fuckin gun then went fo the slaughter/if u mutha fuckas wanna smoke da weed wiv me/then all you gotta do is bounce wiv me/I know its been said before but I'll say it again/only when it gets to u will I then/ shut the fuck up bout bouncin wiv me/or even smokin weed with me/but I'll always let u know that nuttin will be hotter/ than when we are goin fo the slaughter
Like I was sayin I was going for the slaughter/ On the cops, the daddy then I got to the fuckin daughter/ The last one left didn't know what to do cus she/ had a fuckin hot body but her face was butt ugly/ So I came to a decision that I didn't need to see her face/ To fuck her good at a fast pace/ Then her daddy would be right about the rape/ Just a little early but now he's fuckiní late/