Yo,check it

Yo,Depressed,Tired and abused/This Xctasy is makin your brain and body feel used,Picked up,dirtied up,and thrown away lika tissue/Tired of all these grown ups that diss you,Cause your misbehavin,and not listenin in school/You just wanna go home sit in ur room and listen 2 music,with tha lightz off gettin shroomed/
Thinkin about tha future......it looks doomed/Gettin mad as hell when ur dad hitz you/You try 2 stand up,but u no he'll kill you/
But thats life,What can u do?/Why not kill yourself?No more pain 2 live threw/No more school,arguementz,fightz and nobody will miss you/Cause you no u was just a outkast,that packed a pistol/
Gettin bullied around,and threatined not 2 make a sound,Or he'll slit ya throat and leave u on tha ground/Or when ur teachers are callin on you 2 humiliatchya cause u aint payin attention/Then u do some lil'stupid shit and u get school despintchin/Plus tha ass whoopin at home,and another one for not listenin/Sometimes i just ball up my fist-n-slam it threw tha wall,just 2 relieve some tention,Not 2 mention,tha alcoholic mom and dad that take pillz/
They could care less,"Look our son broke his neck...who cares well keep tha party goin..honey hand me a beer"You feel like just pushin him out his chair and beatin him 2 death and do like Tyson and bite off his fucken ear!/You do it all in hate and fear/Cant remeber tha last time you shed a tear/...Im sure some of yall can relate 2 this.......But dont get pissed,Just ball up ur fist and punch ur self in tha temple/Hopefully u die but if not atleats u go mental/No u gotta excuse 2 kill people/Go 2 court claim physco and get away with murder legal!!!!!/hahaha..sound good to me....what about you?