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Life Has Been Againts Me Since The Time Of My Birth, I feel like i got a curse, and i was born just to die first, cause everyday im alive i always feel hurt//
Now listen, as i let everybody know, the only reason i spit a flow, is so i could mend some of the holes in my soul//
Cried for 12 montsh after my uncle died, then i promised myself to never cry again as long as im alive//
Since the age of 12 I never shed a tear, and it made me stronger and a man without fear, except the one i have for loosing the people i love, so i always keep my friends and family near//
Now I Understand, That the Heartaches And Pain, I Face With Fake Friends, Will Make Me A Better Man At The End//
So I Got to thank Allah for the Pain, that i been through Cause thats the thing that made me change//
I havent been the same as i used to be since the death of my uncle, and i swear sometimes i wish i was in the same car with him cause im tired of fighting for survival//
But what could be more selfish then for me to take myself away from my family, after all the thing they done for me, how could i make them cry at my eulogy, thats why i never give up cause they never gave up on me, and i remember to thank them with every last breath Allah blesses on me//
Now listen closely, as i pick up the subject of some friends that used to be close to me, but they chose to betray me, cause the jealousy in they're eyes, made me the prime target that had to die//
And i been through all this shit so its best that you listen to me, keep both eyes on ure best friend cause ure best friend could turn into ure biggest enemy, no matter how close you are today everybody has to change, and Jealousy could lead your friend to throw you off the stage//

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