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    ~ My Ex ~

    Reflectin on our relationship, heavy into the past/
    Shits got me choked cuz many prophecised we'd last/
    For the first time I felt equal, and not always outclassed/
    Not intimidated by you, like we were sealed in a cast/
    Time travelled forward, still enjoying the past.../
    Neglected my 'real' friends for you, one by one they'd flee/
    Lost interest in what stories I had, no-one give a fuck about me/
    Infatuated with you, like I was hypnotized I'd bow to thee/
    I handled shit calmly.../
    We hit the clubs, shopped around, bought you clothes..I was broke but always paid the fee/
    Hurd of other friends havin girl problemz.../
    We didnt, I truthfully thought your existance on earth was to meet me/
    Kept a straight head and made the shared things we had flourish/
    All we needed was us, like pac sed 'fuck friendz'.../
    Without my friendship they aint gunna malnourish/
    Only things of sentimental value was My fam, You and Myself/
    I didn't stay with you for anythin else apart from Love, neither of us had real wealth/
    On the real? things between us had perfect Health/
    I'd travel most nites on a bus, taxi, car...thought we were so tight that we be problem proof/
    I had visions of other girls, I didnt tell you the full truth/
    Same thoughts stuck to my mind, couldnt tell u cuz you'd hit the roof/
    Months went by as we drifted apart/
    Few arguments Is usual, but we never made up properly heart to heart/
    I tried to re-live the feelings I had for you from the very start/
    At night's I lay there thinkin, didnt for one instance think we'd part/
    In my sub-concious mind there was a fear of doubt/
    That I'd been lying to myself about my feelings and questioned if we'd last the bout/
    Mid december and things still werent patched up and forgotten/
    Communication was non-existant, the relationship was stone cold../
    Remains of us and times we spent together lying around half rotten/
    Christmas arrived like a package, opened it but there was no spirit/
    My time was left empty, no agenda to follow and your pussy wasn't there to hit it/
    You said you had feelings for me? I still got my sense of touch and I couldnt feel it/
    We had all the time in the world to seal the wound but apologies couldnt heal shit/
    I intended to finish us in january...if our relationship was on a skool scale?
    We were failing the grades in elementary/
    We'd never make the 2 year mark and go onto primary/
    Fine by me.../
    Weeks went by without you, thought I could hold my own/
    Friends had gone elsewhere, I was physically and mentally alone/
    Turned off ya fone/
    Just cuz u didnt wanna hear my pleads/
    You didnt realise that you were Internally makin my heart bleed/
    I remember that when I told you we were finished you fell into my arms to cry/
    That's what messed with my head, My reasons for breakin werent a lie/
    See I never let my emotions externally to you by expressions or how I acted/
    I'm a man, any problems we had I thought I could hack it/
    Despite the events previously experienced/
    We got back...only to lack the feelings we had before/
    Together...but we werent committed to the core/
    Only sex was involved, fuckin anywhere on the floor/
    It was only the addiction that made me want you more/
    Time together after that was short lived/
    Mistakes in the past were remaining unforgived/
    So I schemed on other girls for me to get with/
    Lost all confidence in us carrying on/
    I was right to do so...we didnt last long/
    Signin off, one love, this ones for you boo/
    $o $olid Player, we'll be back together one day.../
    Your space is reserved If we do//

    Aight, this is the deepest shit im ever gunna write, any feedback would b appreciated, thanx...

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    man that was deep

    its pretty sad too

    Was it just a lie from the start?
    running from inner fears
    this joke : how many hiphoppers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? .................. three, one to screw in the new lightbulb, and two to argue over how much better the old one was.


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      We were fine...but the brake up was mainly me, we were together for a long year and things we all good till new year, then thingd fucked up and I couldnt be arsed gettin seriously attached agen so I split it, anymore feedbak is appreciated


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        This is the greatest and deepest thing I read here. I wiswh one day one of my ex's writes me a song that sounds like that....half as good as yours would be enough for me to break this "bitchism in act" that i'm always putting out for people to see. But you know what they say "You have to love yourself, than other would love you"...I'm not there yet, but I'm trying.
        I know that you don't like me that much, but anyway, MAD RESPECT FROM ME

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          mad respect to mentira!

          Hey I didnt know that you left a message on this, the thread sunk without me noticing it, thanx for the feedback tho...it only took bout half an hour to write, It aint very complex but it's jsut what wuz on my mind at the time...thanx agen Mentira

          Im diggin this dead thread up like a necrophilliac on a rampage but ANYMORE feedbak is appreciated, even if its just a 'its dope' or 'its wack', Laterz ya'll


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            UPPIN FOR MORE WHOA!!

            Oh My God, that was the best verse I've ever read on here. Man, it was way deep.... lotta heart. Dam, i think i'll come to the Freestyle board more often.. sick of reading the same old shit in the battle Board.

            $o $olid, fuckin awesome man... Well I'm with my girl now, hope I don't have to write anythin like that!

            "Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'.. Thats God Damn Right"


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              thanx for the feedbak man...yeah i went thru some bad patches like I sed, lost a few friends...everythings all good now tho, Im back with my mates and shes with hers, still talk to her most nites so...its all good! anyway, anymore feedbak iz appreciated...

              [email protected]'s signiture...good shit


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