I never talk reckless on the phone cuz it's tap
motherfucka's geta kick out of running thier trap
and that's a fact
Naw dawg I don't that
Talk to you in ya face then rat behind yo back
I'ma real ass ***** hang with trill ass *****s
If I find out ya not it's time to kill that *****
Cuz I'll be damn if i ever do life behind bars
For a nothing ass ***** that's scared to walk thru a prison yard
Take ya time like a man cuz u was involved to
but I won't say dat to da fed's ***** i'm talking you
I'm a tell you like mike jones & ask u what it dew
confront you on front street go ahead n tie yo shoe
cuz I know when u see me ya taking off like a rocket
but i'ma stand in 1 spot & shoot it off watch me pop it
son of a bitch cuz u crawling on 4's
now tell ya man this(imwstupid cuz u all hoes