i was raised ina shitty life dad used to threatin wit knifes,
so i went to church to pray andd give tifes,
wishin it would gett better
never had any cheddar
shitty clothes and a torn sweater
so i tryed to write god a letter
hopin some day i make it outta pain
only to regain and to live normally and the same
as other families in my school
i was the only one thats was always black and blue
cuz my dad had a alcohol problem
the only way to get money for food was to rob em'
hopefully ill make to the age i have kids
and i supply them food and not just beer in the fridge
my life is fucked up, mom left second i got out da womb
growin up only child and i still aint got my own room
growin up i thought my dad was tryin to write my own tomb
so i thoughta death
thought cuttin out my last breath
thought about takin the steak fork and cuttin my own chest
but i some how had strength from inside
which lead myslef to guide my to pride
and with the pride learn to overcome my dad
and give my kids today i dad that i never had
learn from right and wrong and gave up drinkin
cuz i wouldnt want my kids growin up with wut i was thinkin
but im not sayin beer is bad
jus some people wen they get drunk turn crazy and mad
and thats wen shit goes down and bad thing happen
i learned that wen my best friend got kidnapped then
but im older andd i learned life lessons
live ya life true
and dont live ya whole life guzzilin booz