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  • Here we go again

    Guarenteed 2 buck ya down, bullets gonna get ya.
    You want these glocks or my fists what gonna rip ya?
    Shit hittin da fan & now you *****s ran?
    Wantin that money 4 that blow? Get back ya job fam.
    1 finga on ya dome, gonna pop ya like a Taliban.
    Ya head marked with my fist, so now was good?
    Talk all tough on da block, see you still tryna be hood.
    Sayin Blaze aint no problems, guess this ***** shook.
    Wut it do *****, Rey aint around so why you makin tha call?
    Ain't met the ground yet? Lemme help this 20 gonna break ya fall.
    We all know that, "Peace gonna be still," that's why I got my steel.
    Saying go suck a dick? go get high & come cop a feel.
    Writing shit on a school bus, causing a ruckus, makin a fuss.
    Pulled up my pants, lil ***** get buck & get tough.
    That weed hittin you so bad, cuz it's clashin with ya vocab.
    Rocking them same clothes, fuckin cornball you still a fag.
    Johnny done came out & was about to play.
    But Black came back; ready 2 attack & what you say?
    You phone gangstas always talk from a distance.
    This Jackson wanna be comin round touching da kids.
    Swing first & da hood gonna have 2 bare witness.
    How daddy come back & murked his wretched bitches.
    "You turnin in2 tha Hulk, & breakin poles?" This kid getting bold.
    Don't want daddy 2 step in, cuz the drama gonna unfold.
    In each relationship I'm tryna see who da man & who da bitch.
    Cuz in everyone you fucking somebody got a dick.
    Every pussy you want, bet I'm a confiscate.
    While u sittin at home crying, smoking & masterbatin.
    Saying I'm a fat bitch, but at least *****s can see me.
    Murked you 1 more time, now YOU CAN'T SEE ME!
    Talkin queasy about ya new friends. I'm a sit back & watch ya end.
    Cuz they ya main source of ya weed. Breakin tha cycle cuz my benjy finished tha deed.

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    a yo i kno this kinda long & its a continuation of that added beef with them nig9as that turned they back but was good?


    • #3
      look ***** i already told you when i first came down there not to get into it that was between me and your bitch but since you luv him so much now i guess you wanna get fucked up. yall pussy cuz me and rui was outside wating for yall we called you up yall stayed inside but soon enough we will catch ya ass and ur faget ass boy tha tragity talking about you taking my pussy u? YOU NEVER GOT PUSSY THATS WHY U SUCK DICK CUZ UR FAT ASS CANT GET A GIRL ALL OFF O-TOWN KNOWS UR GAY ALL THE PEOPLE YOU TOLD TOLD ME SO FUCK YOU AND COME SEE ME IF YALL REALY WANT IT! pussy ass *****s yea jonny was out to play but when will was in ma face and i told him to swing he didnt so fuck yall.

      black ice A.K.A. j-smoke

      these lil fag bitches and snitches
      better run cuz my trigga finga just itchen
      yall nuttin just da boogers i be flickin
      ima .leave yall in stitches and will should have hit it and quit it
      i wont hit blaze cuz i dont hit fagets
      you lil maget wait till we start claping
      when get dat 40 cali you wont know what happen
      wats goin on so called king of o-town
      im taking dat crown while ur faget ass is goin down
      on da tragity more like your magesty you fucking clown
      hope you drown fucking snitches, gonna make you hit da ground
      yo im tired of you calling me a phone gangsta
      when i was in you face you was a straight wangsta
      yea i broke the pole dats wats gonna happen to will
      we on da hunt with intent to kill now go take a pill
      and kill urself do urself a favor and bow to ya savior
      cuz stepin to me is just bad behavior
      im tired of this let me get back to class
      da teach is mad cuz i wasted my time with ur faget ass
      listen lass un dont understand ill put a couple caps in ya ass
      all those threats me nuttin to me if you want beef ill be in da streets
      dont try to step on black ice cuz you will slip up
      and choke cuz da smoke came through and you got fucked up


      • #4
        oh and who da fuck ran when yall said say that shit to yall face trag grabed jonny and you went inside so who ran *****? u tell me and when u ready to stop talkin shit from a distance tell me cuz im ready nigg all day every day ***** dont forget it. pussy had to go call will mom so fuck you.


        • #5
          Iight ***** U Wanna Try & Pop Off & Write Sumtin I Got U Hahahahahaha U Just Made My Day itls like come on dont even try & make yself look like you some hot shit cuz u really not u just a cracked out ***** who aint neva gonna make it in life & u was in my face bitch plz i came back 2 u at the library got in yo face took off my jacket & glasses cuz i was ready 2 fight then but u went behind ru & styles. so im pussy, u aint say shit till we walked away. if u feenin 2 really get ya ass beat, then really get on ya grind & do sumtin, like i told them other *****s dont talk all tough online cuz i'll put that on blast 2, i'll fuck yo whole rep up 2 da fullest & i'll show you whose really evil & fucked up. so watch ya back in the streets. & why u was cryin when u found out bout the cops & the window. & y u gotta get like 7 *****s when it just started out with me, trag, & da general, u & both rus? & i see u still scared 2 do shit 2 c's. u tryna play it smart be we already ahead of u by alot i knew shit wasnt gonna end & u was like yall *****s wasnt gonna bang out on us at the library cuz yall was scared 5-0 might come through or we was gonna go after just you. cuz for u 2 get otha *****s involved when u was told not 2, u crazy but u think u so smart. y dont u stop smokin den get back 2 me iight *****
          Last edited by Blaze87; 05-04-2006, 08:42 AM.


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