You scream like your mom when she's naked and drunk.
I recorded her screams when she puked in the trunk.
In the street,she got stripped and raped while she was 8.
18 was the time she got fucked by 8 teens.
at 14 she got fucked with a fork.
For God's sake, why does she still say "who's next?"
She needs sex and six mates nibbled her breasts.
To impress she sleeps with her tits out - no time out.
Still more tiny dicks in her mouth.
Masculine shit keep smearing her eyes.
Misceallenous stuff that make her damn high.
Hired to whyle , some bucks make her wild.
She Drinks wine, and always begs "one more time".
She got tired when she made out with a retard.
Don't you think it's time retire?
And retaliate while it's not too late.
But this bitch tied a lace around her face.
Fascinated by death , she had to face fate.
No fame for a female whose male wear lee-nails.
Do you necessary fail when you weren't raised?
Do you wanna erase these moments of pain?
she went paranoid when she started smokin' weed.
We'd better not bet upon how she found dope.
We barely know she died from an overdose.
For a dozen of years,the governor got sucked.
Sexual intercourse that was done on purpose.
he couldn't postpone while this bitch was on earth.
The spoon with coke was known to be hers.
Personally, i know that he did even worse.
Did you hear of 2 whores who wore tuxedos?
don't think it was in Texas or i'll know the death row.
I ain't ironic , that's what happened a year ago.
But i'm not gonna tell you cuz this ain't my goal
You won't be able to repeat it to your gurl.
Your babe who bought a bible where Boys have no balls.
the bimbo who makes up to hide her pimples.
The Hoe whose brain is mixed up cuz of drugs.
The Slut you see on posters in trucks.
Who's dirty and curses like she had a coke.
Her Caucasian boyfriend is always broke as fuck.
He wants to conquer her with his comcast cable.
The consequences of such behaviour
Is obviously a fucking failure.
As he can't show off with his little dough
He'll never make enough in front of his love.
she might be loathed but you don't lose much
she chews bubble gums and looks damn dum
So don't feel disgust if you see this cunt down.
Now you dumped her she won't get down.
She crossed the border and will wear no gown.
What kind of guy can be proud of this whore?
Ask the governor , maybe he knows her !
And if his nose grows , he is a liar.
So who will you trust if he cuts my throat first?