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    yo rate this shit i only got 5 mins to type a freestyle

    hey yo!!
    i'm one of them sick white kids
    livin on the streets
    takin pills
    to get away from this fucked up drills
    i'm tyerd watching wake rap skills
    fuckin bunch of queers
    i aint dissin no one
    i'm just bein real
    heres a thought
    better speak up loud
    i'll beet you till the 9'th clowd
    aint no dought
    this shit is weak right here
    stop jumpin on my gear
    fuck worshipin the devil
    i'm so evil
    i'm being worshiped by the devil myself
    so go fuck yourself
    i'm tyerd of all those fake mc's
    try to come on the internet
    acting like they got raping abilitys
    thinkin they can rap coze some of the words that they say rhymes
    and i dare you mutherfuckeer try to diss me
    you fuckin sissy
    this aint personal
    it's just my war style
    i aint neva gonna die
    and if i do somehow
    i'll hunt you down
    and all your loved one's to
    stop trying to see my bad side
    it's evil
    even i cant control it
    but i learnd to handle it
    killin 10 people makes me calm down again
    i neva met you
    but i already hate you
    if your lucky? i might sper you
    and now we got pop singers grabin there bals
    what the fuck is up with does
    i'm a bring an end to this world
    motherfuckin hoes!
    my anger always leeds me to danger
    i killed my teacher
    coz he said i wasnt gonna go up this year
    smokin weed made me so sick
    that i'll beet you to death
    with a god damn stick
    i dont respect the law
    it made me withdraw
    motherfucker stop nockin on my front door
    you'll be one of them fake bitches
    who'll be talkin tuff
    and not knowing enought
    so go eat a dick than come back and tell me you had it ruth
    your a dirty ass hoe
    who aint got a clue
    to what the fuck could happen to you
    if your not carfull with this daw
    i dont sell weed
    i make weed
    20 pounds of it
    each day
    with no limit to it
    i said this is gonna take me 5 minuts
    but i longerd my lyrics

    aight thats it
    no1 take this shit personal
    it's just fight music right??
    so rate it
    i know it's kinda wack

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    Um. yo that was ok. And it was only okay because you had no basis to the lyrics at all. What exactly were you talkin about? I know it's a freestyle... or as much of a freestyle you can do on the net, but still. It should have had a point. And you spelled a bunch of words wrong.

    Overall, out of 10, i would give you like a 6 because you HAVE potential, just like everyone does. It just needs to be worked on and better developed.

    And you need to increase your vocab, just a wee bit..

    Don't take offense by this. It's just that if you keep rhyming like this, nobody is going to read any of your newer posts.


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      yea i know it aint got no point
      i just wanted to get rid of my anger

      thanx 4 the word tho


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        another freestyle

        i'm a take your word for it
        to improve my freestyle skills and blow up on it
        other mc's wait till i finish with the mic
        and if you dont like it? you can suck tight on it
        see i was blazin weed
        while i was freestylin that shit
        and also listenin to the fight music beat
        but we all know that this shit aint dope enought to be talked about mo
        my lyrical skillz are growin
        i'ma live you drawlin
        you aint gonna be able to stop scrollin
        some people talk without knowin
        if you aint an mc? what the fuck are you doin
        trus me
        i'ma keep watchin
        all you fake mc's
        dont be hatin
        so bitch stop fakin
        this aint all that "i know"
        but i'm still tryin
        but now i'm out
        i'll be back for more fighting..

        yo i think this 1 had a point
        i was listenin to the beat of fight music on the other 1 and it just came out ..

        anywayz peac yall .. let me now
        what you think to the new way that i let it flow!
        Last edited by SHADY2DOPE; 07-31-2001, 04:38 AM.


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          comon people i need your rates here


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              Yo Dude, sorry to say but I agree with so solid, dat was some Wak shit!! where da fuck were the rhymez, no offence but u gonna be wantin a new style or sumpin! I think all them picz u got of 2-pac r gettin 2 ur head or somethin :P
              **Tha New Era**


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                What tha........

                I agree with tha otha two cats DAT WAS FUCKIN WACK!!

                What tha fuck u doin on here anyway...........I cant really talk cos my lyrics rnt tha best!! but come on!! i could tell when i wrote a SHIT VERSE cant U?? OBVIOUSLY NOT!! cos dat verse rite there was SHIT!!

                FUCKIN HELL!! read tha fuck over it and ull realise!!

                .: Ruban Bates :.
                (BattlE RecorD - 25/12)


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                  true true

                  yea i have been spitin some wack shit havnt i.

                  it's aight tho
                  it'l get better.


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