Yo,Im a MIND BLOWIN,sick flowin,high rollin,spitta/
MIND BLOWIN,Nine holdin,bomb throwin,*****/Cock tha hamma back,unlock safety,and pull tha trigga/Leavin you dead and buried,as if i was a grave digga/You diss me,im quick 2 come and getchya/MIND BLOWIN like a dog sippin liqua/MIND BLOWIN like a earth worm,that just suddenly bitchya/MIND BLOWIN like a kid with no arms,out of nowhere hits ya/I Spit shitchya just cant pictchya/Ima MIND BLOWIN,blowin mind,mind blower/Shootin you up with clip after clip,leavin ya body lowered/CoNtRoVeRsIaL,RABID DOG ,"INSTIGATOR",Bringin you horror/Fuck with me and you wont see tomorrow/Havin your family greiven and livin in sorrow/These 15 shots will leave ya hollow/When i roll,i always got bitches with me/Lickin it up and stickin it,swiftly/Nothin but "GANGSTA BITCHES" with me/Shootin 12 gauges and grabbin there crouch as if they was G/I Say *****,all of a sudden everybodys hattin on me/Fuck it,Ima MIND BLOWIN *****/I Say shit just 2 get a reaction out of you *****'s/
So sit tha fuck down before i pull this UZI trigga/Dont make me BLOW out ur MIND you supid ass *****!!!/...HaHa....This should be good....UPPIN FOR COMMENTS!!!1