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  • 16 bar introduction

    A demonstration on how I extend a metaphor
    The combination of ideas intended to restore
    illumination to the minds defended to the core
    on relations to which they're blind, an end i do it for
    you see the heat of the beat serves to melt my brain
    the sensation of creation of rhymes is close to pain
    but my liquified mind continues to fall like rain
    and flows naturally out my mouth like i'm sayin my name
    via sonic vibration through the air into your ear
    swimmin in a metaphorical sea of what you hear
    my flow is designed as a dip for your mind
    to survive the daily grind without bein left behind
    instead of treadin stagnate ponds with no particular headin,
    you travel down the river of thought i got you're gettin,
    lettin no interruption invade to fade the goal i'm settin,
    to melt you mind amidst a mix from moxie, you just met him

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    One day on block i was walking by
    2 double barrel shot gun talk figures was high
    as i roll by i gotta look threw my rearview now
    cause when ure smuthered in duck table no 1 can hear u how?
    did it get 2 the level of a constant shovel
    some many tears
    so much concern as weed burn but i aint got any fears
    except a greater power that can davour
    and dont talk about money homie cause i make the hole strip shower
    back in a hour cause im on a few hits
    been here and there yesterday i probably seen the biggest tits
    and blunt lit thinking im in heaven
    tell i waken up from dreaming gangstas skeeming and i just heard on the news there was a 187

    Best websites on the net for watching shit


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      Yeah mutha fuckin' next bitch how many thesauras did ya need to say tjat shit


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        Originally posted by nemracSD View Post
        Yeah mutha fuckin' next bitch how many thesauras did ya need to say tjat shit
        none fool


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          that shit was nice...reminded me of canibus


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            Originally posted by nemracSD View Post
            Yeah mutha fuckin' next bitch how many thesauras did ya need to say tjat shit
            lmao, just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean everyone else doesn't either.

            Nice, Moxie.

            i'm a SPOOKY KID.


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              Thanks, I was worried that his response would be indicative of the rest of the forum's attitude.

              That's the best I've got so far though, some of my other stuff is nice but not for 16 lines straight.

              here's one off the dome, except for the lines that are in my head you know:

              More intimidating than an Aggrocrag
              no debating the attraction of electromag-
              netism fascinating like a prism
              harnessing the power of nuclear fission
              it's evident that prevention's an impossible mission
              busted rhymes, bustin out of a plain world prison
              evidence is empirical of a lyrical miracle
              let me know if you feel a cool flow like a wave pool
              words prophetic and powerful
              like the sun's gravitational pull
              you're gonna die, have you admitted it yet?
              every day feels like playing russian roullette,
              or is it roo-lay? but your brain's the bet,
              i don't accept it but i expect it why would i be excepted
              see I don't believe in heaven and I don't believe in hell
              well what's left except a void, as best as i can tell
              so yeah i admit it this fear of death i can't get rid it
              but i guess i gotta learn to come to terms with it
              Last edited by moxie; 02-03-2007, 10:26 PM.


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                i thought it was wack.
                And England shall admit a Jew
                You think this strange, but it is true
                The Jew that once was held in scorn
                Shall of a Christian then be born.


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                  ^all he does is complain


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                    It's defiently dope I liked the second shit staight off the dome it was ended well. You've got an extensive vocab that can either build you up or tear you down.

                    To be honest I get what your saying but most people who listen to music wanna kick back and relax, not strain there ear to figure out what your point was.

                    It seems like your aiming for the underground appeal and it's good music I'd just say, do this but not all the time. Most people won't listen through a whole disc of super technical lyrical shit, trust me.

                    If you can string like 13 track together and fuse like 3-4 tracks like this in you'll be set, because no one can say your pop or weak with the skills but they won't feel drained after they listen to your record.

                    Just my 2 cents your above average for a newbie was a above average as far as this board concerned.

                    Return the favor and check out my two latest drops?

                    The Silver Tounge Troublemaker

                    I'm Kobe Bryant Ready

                    With This Ego I Can Stand Here In A Speedo And Get Looked At Like A Fuckin' Hero.

                    Got It?


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                      Here's something lighter

                      My mind is quick
                      like lickety split
                      your rickety shit
                      can't compete you're defeated 'cause
                      i'm sick when i spit
                      kind of a trick, i admit it
                      if it was hard i never did it
                      never ever, attention span sever
                      but my first flow was good and then i got better
                      like drinkin clear cold liquor,
                      my mind got sicker,
                      like snap, a bic flicker
                      flame to spark a wick
                      i can blow up like a bomb or slow like oil slicks
                      so how's it gonna be you may get burned by me
                      better than a VD, and plus my shit is free


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                        its nice, sound good if recorded over a beat

                        no offense, but it does look like u used a dictionary tho


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                          Well all words come from it.
                          Download my new mixtape "Public Axis Vol. 1" http://www.sendspace.com/file/7527jn
                          New Beats: www.soundclick.com/axisproductions
                          Mixing/Mastering available! PM for details.


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                            moxie - Well Written Rhymes Can You Deliver Them Over A Beat Though Or Do You Not Have Recording Equipment Etc? Let Me Know If You Do Record
                            Originally posted by BluTooth
                            Originally posted by ca$hville_69
                            ^i dont know wut kinda burgers ppl eat where u live, but i've never heard of burgers with bones and intestines.


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                              No, I don't record, I just started writing.

                              No, I don't use a dictionary, I'm just a fucking beast with vocabulary. Is it bad that it looks like I did?


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