Hey you know what man...
I got a friend whose name is Stan
He says he's the biggest ever eminem fan
Too bad he got killed in a car accident
While drivin over a bridge he lost control and skid
I told him to stop it before he gets into deep sh*t
And whenever you drink and drive...you gotta go public
When people found'em, he's dead but not his b*tch
They found a tape and I have to go get it
So f*ck eminem, who the hell does he think he is?
Never even say sorry until the last minute?
To the grave, eminem never even visit
With all the deaths around me, i'm getting sick
So when are you gonna learn ya lesson eminem?
You wanna wait til the death of your next fan?
Now in Fight Music you think you got kids to embrace you?
Well f*ck those parents and f*ck you too!
I dont wanna mention it but I think it's just fate
You gotta do somethin before it's too late
But if it is too late,
then i'ma take this gun to shoot you till you're dead
I'll make sure I see a hole right through your head
You got that? And that goes for the rest of you......