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  • GOOD vs EVIL.....


    this is an AIM collab done this aftanoon, hope yall feel this.....

    masta thug=white

    ((---GOOD--)) vs ((--EVIL---))

    Ayyo u can call me tha goodness, bout to elliminate ur baddness//
    in this aim collabo ***** u kno imma spit madness, MastaThug comin wit da phatness//
    nothin less fo mah crew grab tha mic n be like suppa man wit locked fists//
    imma good boy fo life u cant kill this, badd *****s die to quick like be like roach clips//

    pitifull.......speak up chyld, yull disintegrate, its now-or-never/
    my lyrics will leave mental scars forever/
    cant take the heat, cause yur heart-endevers/
    yu cant get rid of me simple by pullin levers/
    im cuttin yu up son, panickin aint clever/
    ima leave yu all fucced up, bloodied and severed/

    hol up b4 ur neck get split//
    like two knife blades my lyrics verbally rip emcees ta shreads severin they shit//
    mass incisions in ur spine eattin away ur vocals like lesbians lickin clit//
    im smokin ur shit like a verbal dime bag bitch i put ur rhymes to mah lip//
    and proceed to inhale tha staleness, verbal rush leave ur wordplay wit an impairement//
    now pic up tha mic and inhale tha good shit, invince its ur turn now prepare to be madd ripped//

    im pure evil, like a test tube, filled with black water/
    yu colder then MR.freezies, yu cant attack hotter/
    me, im filled with hate and thoughts of murda/
    i shot yah further, no way yu can stop-tha-teacher, or the learner/
    ill burn yah, and brand yu with a INSANE logo/
    im dark and angry, but yu probly "deff", and son, yur brain works "so-so"/

    mos def ***** but them words was no-no/
    grab a corter pounder wit beef ***** u still gots no flow//
    evil *****s in mah drop talkin shit on aim,
    hell nah i jus relenquish theese good spirits and bring death to a new sin//
    truely gave mah word ta god that ill trust no evilness from no men/
    and everytime u step up ***** i kill ur flow again//
    to much gayness in this world from f.ag men,
    come within 30 feet and get droped invince *****s be lookin sayin all men//'

    im like a phenomenon, on yur mom, lookin for some devilish hoe to fuck on the jon/
    back away or expect to be shit on, my tight rhymes been rippin yu all along/
    my style is called "HATIN-HATRED"/got a blatant disrespect for people who work and dont get PAYMENT/
    gonna have to think twise befo' yu attack, i aint been the same since/
    watch out, foo' ill loeave yu face first in the PAVEMENT/

    imma cha wawwa on a rampage, cock mah leg n verbally piss on u like toddlers n wet beds//
    like to much evilness in ur body gets u no where but a free rhyde wit dah feds/
    bendin ovva behind metal bars takin it between bof legs//
    shouldve listened invince but now u on ur knees given tha county jail free heads/
    guzzlin cumm like whores wit dreads//
    ***** this callabo is why too much indesinscy for wack heads//

    if yu was an un-born chicken, id hurt yu more then an egg beater/
    im more twisted than shakespeare in a gay-theater/
    im HOT-scorchin , i break meters, maw'fucka, i fake seizures/
    make heaters, play away not to close to me, cose i take dealers, and take stealers/
    smoke till im so high, im on earth, not in hell/
    believe me, its hottt down here, but foo' its hot in jail/

    imma nasty ***** wit good intentions, leave u verbally stalled at a downfall wit deep verbal inscions//
    remove ur vocal cords and slash ur fuckin neck plates now ur lyrically in a bad position/
    for some fuckin skills on them stars ***** u shouldve been wishin//
    now u jus bitchen, at tha site of loss cause for u its too easy a definition//
    get ur apron on ***** and go work in tha kitchen, cook tha whole fuckin bucket of fried chicken//

    son, im a nasty cat i dont come from the dark side, i come from the sicc side/
    man, ive heard of dickryde, but yu do it so hard that the cock, spreads and splits wide/
    say bie, to yur family and friends, this is the end-of-the-line/
    masturbatin and prayin is how yu spend-yur-spare-time/
    throw yu in the pits of hell, now yu burnin up inside yur soul/
    dont stop losing now, maw'fucca yur on the WHACKNESS honour ROLL,yur on-a-roll/
    playformore.org , One Year Millionaire Blog

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    pretty good collab, pretty damn long, ya had good vocab, didnt bounce around on different concepts, collab was hott shyt, the only thing i didnt like was the really long bars, it takes away from the flow, but neways, da shyt was hott


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