hey yo/
i wrote this,ta make you faggots lose focus/
i crack ya up,more then ya coke is,you know this/
lets hang these bitches,tell me were my rope is/
my words are more holly then da bible/
when it comes ta flows i got the style/
im vyle,just like the west nile-sevice with a smile/
im riled,come wit ya best pile-pervert on file/
sickle an ebert,give me two thumbs up/
im an expert,an you faggots bum fuck/
i drop more bombs then nassa,white caspa/
you on the freeway,i just passed ya/
you such a gangsta,why you were aeropostel?
a burst of anger,i rip ya brain ouit threw ya left nostral/
why so hard but got mom on ya bysept/
an i got fuck you, on my left,just exept the fact/
you wack,im wastin my breath,im finished wit that/