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need u guys to vote, me and my buddy battled..

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  • need u guys to vote, me and my buddy battled..

    yo, tell me who had iller raps aiite? thx

    first battle:
    Im spittin free style im ready 2 go!!!
    yo moma is like a shot gun one cock and she ready 2 blow. WOW
    common dawg u waint ready fo me! my rap is so strong makes you choke on ur beat! SO im tyred of u actin lyke im not the one!! why u got me battlin bruce lee's Graaaand son?? HOLLA
    yo yo yo
    i'ma hit u like a ton-a bricks on ya CHEST/
    fuckin' wit me u needa bullet-proof VEST/
    looks like ur mom didn't keep ya WELL-FED/
    so she choked and gave birth 2 u MOHAMMED/
    talkin' bout moms lets get off the SUBJECT/
    jus cuz ur mom's another jerry springer REJECT

    second battle:
    yo check this na na na na!!
    Man u should only be rappin on christmas eve, casue u aint got what it takes 2 beat me!! man ima Murder ur Dawgs, then throw em all down like they was poggz, oh i didint mean 2 burn you, but now u kno what its like when someones bein real wit u! No man its kool i wont be stealling ur cars! casue then ill probibly end up wit sars. So HoLLa BAcK
    o shiet moe, why u fuckin' take so LONG/
    u can't rap worth shit, u sound like a Ja rule SONG/
    can't talk smack, ur lyrics are SHIT/
    don't try for the records, u'll never get a HIT/
    remember my name bitch, it's gonna b FAMILIAR/
    ur dick and ur pinky, now thats somethin' SIMILAR/

    third battle:
    Man u Aint ready fo me!! ima send yo ass home like i did wit yo Moma! Ohh Hold back the dramma casue if u want some of that then u will need 2 call ossama. damn i didint wanna bring yo moma in 2 diss but she so damn round she always rolls in this! uhhh u a clown, you 2 are also round, im sick if u Now, So u should grab ur shit and split before i hit u wit another line, come back next time wit out ur sissy little rymes!! HOLLA!!
    yo yo yo
    now ima show u how to bust a real fuckin' BEAT/
    im betta than yo faggot ass, kick yo ass to the STREET/
    I'm more entertaning than the NCAA game Oklahoma vs SYRACUSE/
    callin' me a clown when ur the only one workin' for the CIRCUS/
    comin' up with some fuckin' pussy ass RHYMES/
    i'll kill ya then u'll be in the front page of the NEW YORK TIMES/

    fourth battle:
    Man U suck shit!! i didint want it 2 come to this!! But if ur gonna keep playin wit diss! then ima break it down 2 yah just like i wrote it down. So u think u all that casue u a very fast typa, the only types of things u say are about dicks and pipers!! ohh yeah u thought i forgot?? about u and that tall guy mark?? no i didint did u think think i did!! but u dont want 2 start wit it casue then u would get all puffy like u was a little kid! ohh u kno when u hav been beat when u see this line ITS OvA PEACE
    let's calm down on this weak ass BITCH/
    you gotta big house, HAH it's a fuckin' DITCH!/
    i dont' really see the point in this, i'm jus so much BETTER/
    ur dick is 10 times lighter than a FEATHER/
    you can't get pussy, so u get the cock- but guess what, u still dont earn FAME/
    now get off mah case while i watch the canucks GAME/
    fuck the 6 liens, i got a little OVERBOARD/
    u poor ass faggot can't AFFORD a 87' FORD/
    bustin' it longer tahn it's really EXPECTED/
    i jus killed ya dad in egypt, but ur mom was the only 1 SUSPECTED/

    5th battle:
    Kayne all u feel is pain!! it probibly from all the shame! that u felt when u got framed!! when that guy fell down OHH thats when u got ur name! i didint kno it was about all the style and fame!! ohh wait this is kayne! ohh yeah u dont like my house?? why is it casue ur scared of a mouse?? no my house is totaly fine u just pissed off casue ur outfit costs a dime!! i pay good money for all the shit i get! not all ov us bet and get are shit on Ebay! but Me say that u lose, and me say that u stink like poo!! man if ur so ritch? why cant u even comb ur hair R u a faggot ass prick? man iv been rappin way 2 long so ima end this shit and hear ur song!
    i dont feel pain motahfucka, ur disses dont BURN/
    i thot a put ya away yesterday, why dont u fuckin LEARN/
    dont get angry at me cuz yo mom's a HOE/
    *sniff* i smell pussy, is that u MOE?/
    now look at the SCREEN, n SCREAM, lookin' at the text make u SEEM OBSCENE/
    comin' afta me and disisn' me like u got BEEF/
    dont worry i won't tell every1 u can secretly QUEEF/
    ya bitchMAID, get in the game and get PLAYED fuck wit me n get SLAYED/
    mothafuckin' faggot, i beat u already, do u FUCKIN UNDERSTAND/
    it's like a boxin' match, but it's the ref raisin' MY HAND/

    6th battle:
    u think ur all that?? what? u think u better then me? what? I kno this shit isint ryme In but this shits gon 2 far ok bitch!! NOw ima start up wit ya can u feel the itch!! u cant feel the itch casue i didint kick ur ass bitcH!! buT im going 2 if u dont drop this shit about me being a poor kid!! i dont fucking think u get it! but the messege is that u a fagggot, even ur moma knos that thats why she wanted To throw u!!! WHAT? u say u think its OK 2 be gay wit all those gays? no it aint and i kno u are!! casue when u said it was like a boxing matcH u Lied!! its more like when u run and hide!! u scared of me bitch and i can smell it! so fuck u bitch u sound like a hICK When u try 2 rap against the king!! Yeah thats me!! man shit i be right back i hav 2 Pee
    LOL what the fuck did u say, u just say u were the KING?/
    i fuckin' gut ya 3 ways and throw ya away like NOTHING/
    talkin' shit like u goin BEAT ME/
    it takes more than minced meat TO-DEFEAT-ME/
    bitch ass faggot sayin' ima HICK/
    looks like u haven't taken ur daily dosage of DICK/
    u said u gota piss ur lyin' u got no cock, yeah that's right i jus DISSED U/
    maybe i should kill u right here, no one will MISS YOU/

    7th battle:
    look this hit is point liss u kno i won against u about 4 or 5 times ago!! but its ok if u want 2 be kicked thats ok what u want 2 keep dissing me!! is it casue u mad at me? for what me dissing u like u was nothin ohh ok kayne think strate before u get all pissed at me its ok!! if u dont hav the guts 2 beat me thats ok no one ever did im the champ wait i can hear the chant of the millions of ppl that come 2 watch this ima fucking purn u you gay gay Prick!! LOOK this is not a real battle casue it takes u like 5 minz 2 respond 2 me! but thats ok its takes me like 10 minz 2 be what u cant beat!!
    shut the fuck up now, and shoot urself, heres a GLOCK/
    millions of ppl chantin ur name, lol what are u? THE ROCK?/
    don't think u fuckin wanna SEE-ME, cuz u jus a lame faggot ass WANNABE/
    u say it takes me 5 minutes, your computers SLOW/
    get a better comp, dont try 2 b a big-SHOW/
    u cunt ass prick go smoke some GRASS/
    im watchin' the hockey game while kickin' ur ASS/
    ill throw u into the ground, stay there, u CEMENT/
    admit i beat ur ass, then ill stop this PUNISHMENT/
    stop tryin' 2 battle me, u fake EMINEM/
    i guess ill see u in grade 8 science AGAIN/

    8th battle:
    haahh this shit is very so easy!! i can do this shit better then u its easy!! kayne u kno u cant rap!! u kno all u can do is sing alonge like thoes ppl do that think they all big but they nothin but 2 show's the first 1 is when ppl say who the fuck is that kid? man the only fake Kid it u tryin 2 BE JIN then the second one when ppl say get him out of hear its a ****** wait even better ITs a Chigger yeah thats who it is someone who thinks they can fuck wit me!! yo listin ****** like i said IMA fucking Murdeer ur ass before u can say china Wow u think u can beat me next time talk 2 opra winfree casue she is black she knoes that im the best so fuck u about that brick in the chest!! I win u lost its over kayne grab ur dilldo and suck it like when u test!! U aINT GOT NOTHIN ON ME!!
    man what the fuck u talkin bout, ur shit's so WHACK/
    u say i gotta dildo, did ya check ya moms ASS-CRACK?/
    i'm holdin' u down, like a CHAINED-LINK-FENCE/
    stop tryin' to rap man, ur shit MAKE-NO-SENSE/
    fuckin' rappin with the champ, u think ur COOL/
    burnetts 2 dangerous for ya, u betta TRANSFER-SCHOOLS/
    am i too agressive for me? bitch go ahead SUE-ME/
    fuckin' knock ya ass down like TODD-BERTUZZI/
    talkin' about operah winfrey, only u watch the GAY-SHOWS/
    just because secretly inside, u a flamin' HOMO/
    this battle's over moe, kinda like the canucks GAME/
    got ya mom on her back while she screamin' mah NAME!/

    9th Battle:
    A.La la la u owned u so fone u a ghost writer that can write SOmthing that u can back up! u cant back up nothin kayne u just a lame ass bitch so Sup?? i didint think i was gonna let u win? why so u can go say u a king? no u lose its over its 6:00 and u about 2 cracK!! wow look at u so thugish u are right? or so that u think, u aint n e thing but a loser u suck!!! u just mad casue u cant beat me! yeah i suck yeah i do but even scooby doo can rap better then u !! ur right he does not rap he just a dogg maybe a raT!! hah thats how bad u are u loser go home its over! but while u sitting down dong hang over casue then u will see that ugly ass gopher!! wait thats u thats just ur reflection! haha look at his emotion his face is so streched out u look like a telly tubby wit a screwed up house!
    moe u betta watch out, u dont wanna KNOW-ME/
    with a glock i shoot more accurate then KOBE/
    ur lucky im happy, so im more calm DOWN/
    u say u can rap shit? lol shut up u fuckin CLOWN/
    u dont need a wife, u need a HUSBAND/
    im happy cuz the first goal was scored by NASLUND/
    it's 1-0 canucks, kinda like the score with me and u ur CONFUSED/
    but wait a minute, IM THE CANUCKS, u the faggot ass BLUES/
    ghost writer, u dont even know what that MEANS/
    ima automatic rapper, kinda like a MACHINE/
    stop talkin shit moe im already in a FURY/
    ill take my fuckin time dont tell me to HURRY/
    fine since u want me to end this, ima finish this QUICK/
    tell ur mom and her cousins afta the game SUCK MY DICK/
    Record 1-0
    Chitowns ---- 5-3 (good battle, came strong, but failed to beat me... good battle by the way)

    Bitch List

  • #2
    after i read this bar i stopped
    SO im tyred of u actin lyke im not the one!! why u got me battlin bruce lee's Graaaand son?? HOLLA

    that hole bar is stolen

    46-4 (33 KOs)lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll

    " crabs betta than bloods betta get dat out ya head, yea jordan wore blue to but he was a star in red"


    • #3
      thank u
      i told him that too
      i think it's bet freestyle friday? correct me if im wrong
      Record 1-0
      Chitowns ---- 5-3 (good battle, came strong, but failed to beat me... good battle by the way)

      Bitch List


      • #4
        i don't know if it was from freestyle friday but i know it was from jin

        46-4 (33 KOs)lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll

        " crabs betta than bloods betta get dat out ya head, yea jordan wore blue to but he was a star in red"


        • #5
          im like a murderous weapon
          ill kill u if i catch u steppin
          all in my face
          u try to spray me wit some mace
          ill kill u any time anywere
          i dont care were we at
          ill hit u wit a dead cat
          tell me if yo flows can fuck wit dat
          Whitey McQwa


          • #6
            i heard ya mother scream
            i was eatin cookies n cream
            ya sister got her throat slit
            afta i fucked her in her clit
            da blood spilled on tha flo
            ya aunty's a dirty hoe
            i heard a knock on tha do
            it was uncle jo jo
            he had a fo fo
            tryin to lay low
            from da po po
            ohh no let go of my toe
            befo i hit u wit a bo
            u nasty homo
            im finna let this one go
            i c u again ......hoe
            Whitey McQwa


            • #7
              wheres yo ak
              what did u spray
              u didnt spray qwa
              qwa spray u 2day
              anywere any night
              right here da time is right
              wanna fight watch my dog
              she does bite
              my flows r tight fuck u alright
              i killed yo mama last night
              dis my last ryme for this time
              ill catch y another time
              Whitey McQwa


              • #8
                im back im back im back smugglin
                dis crack i got a whole stack of
                dis crack stacked up in my crackshack
                im finna go crack my back and dont
                be surprised if i dont come back
                only thing u can do is accept the fact that i aint came back yet
                Whitey McQwa


                • #9
                  k money is your first name kahleid??? jus wondering
                  BATTLE RECORD 0-0

                  LYRICAL MAFIA

                  Capital P ~Da Rap Father~
                  dp67 ~Mafia's Prophet~
                  Kg tha Kid ~Right Hand Gangsta~
                  Flex ~Da Ears To The Streets~
                  Pawl Derty ~NewYork's Most Wanted~
                  Pure Playa ~Kg's Northside Gangsta~
                  Funk ~Special Unit Sniper~
                  Bachaka61 ~Lyrical Mobster~
                  Dirty Irish ~Da Wish Crusher~
                  Aphyna ~Mafia Princess~
                  h2o...HyiGh II ~Da Veteran Assassin~
                  G#0$t ~Tha Infernal Gangsta~
                  Em'Girl69 ~Tha Heart Braker~
                  DarkDrifter Tha Spirits Hunta


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