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Yo Pizonous E. Put some rhymes after this for me. man!

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  • Yo Pizonous E. Put some rhymes after this for me. man!

    Hey anyone who reads this. This is my first spit in this particular forum. I hope y'all like it. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. Only time will tell, huh?

    "Blessed is he that readeth and hear the words of this prophecy"/
    Because the end of the world is at hand, sayeth the Blook of Relavations Chapter 1, Verse 3/
    The gate of Hell is now open and the armies rise of demonic emcees/
    Crawling up from the ascent wreaking, of brimstone and bearing the torch of Hadees/
    I'm the voice of blackness in men's hearts speaking, the herrald of the Beast/
    I stand in the centre of the 7 hills, my madness infecting the land/
    Fed from the palacenta of the 7 sins, punching with all the power of the 7 stars in my hands/
    Flying to the beggining on the Solar System and block out the Sun with my wing span/
    Carving out my pound of flesh and giving it to Loki, i no longer want to be damned/
    I suffer from a form of evil, biblical Turret's Sydrome/
    Infected with a form of biblical evil, within my Chromosones/
    Writhing in pain from the splinterring of my bones/
    Morphing into a creature that calles the 7th layer of Hell it's home/
    Knowledge is the 7th sign, and blood spilt is repentance/
    I'm here to rush into battle for the Devil, and burn down Heaven in the name of vengance/
    Behold the fifth angel and behold my grand entrance/
    Cast out by the Lord on an eternal prison sentance/
    Riding my scorpion-horses into battle, mouth's foaming with 24 different venoms/
    Ripping out the jewel of my heart and giving to y'all for acceptance/
    Raping and fronicating with the Dark-One's bitch, the witch; Angella Bassett/
    Robbing her of her trophy of the head of John the Baptist/
    Draining it of it's essence, by syphoning out the blood and sipping it from Christ's chalice/
    My mind's full of blackness, my hands are scorched and callised/
    From the heat they held when i smothered out the fires of the North Star; Polaris/
    When me, Jehu, or Exist, go and spit, we blow up all shit/
    Decimate the lives of at least 15 people off one hit, like the suicide bomber on the Ghaza Strip/
    Then came down, wrapped in a cloud, the 6th Angel with one foot on the land and one on the sea/
    As he roared aloud, the skies shook and bowed, the seas parted when he decided to speak/
    He instructed me to devour the book of knowledge, with pages tasting honey sweet/
    I unleash the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse from the ocean of Euphrates/
    This is a proclimatation of damnation, y'all must take heed/
    With an inverse pentegram burnt into my chest/
    I'm here to destroy the whole game and leave nothing left/
    Like Hitler, i yearn for the perfect being/
    His presence and mine, predected by Nostradamus the all seeing/
    Living longer than Father Time, my our looming shadows sending the masses fleeing/
    Dark-Druid* is an anti-Christ, slaying the child of the Light/
    Regurgetating from my mouth, a flaming broad sword with intentions to smite/
    When my time expires, my corpse will rise and be judged according to the Book of Life/
    Hell fire and brimstone, coals, don't burn as hot as my eyes/
    Out of the three great seas, the three great Beasts will rise/
    The number six marked on them for all to see, to the power of thrice/
    And they're already here in the form of Jehu, exizt, and I/
    Molten hot rhymes, lacerating myself six-hundred and sixty six times/
    And just in case any warrior wishes to attack from behind/
    I have a face and six fists grafted to my back, it's muscles attached to my spine/
    From the two poles and two hemispheres will cometh the 4 Horsemen/
    Obliterating and decimating any and all mortals, whether it is from long range or close-quarters/
    Cursing the name and the works of the Lord/
    Sneaking in on the Ark and throwing Noah overboard/
    The Scarlet Dragon's head general along with the other two; Jehu, and Poizonous E./
    Leading the charge upto Heaven to do battle with God, for four-score centuries/
    My sins weigh heavy on me, like the hanging sword of Damaclees/
    Worshiping the Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns/
    Diseasing the world with my sick thoughts/
    Like an S.T.D. from a sick whore, shutting everything down like the sting op. on Lolita's Kid Porn/
    I am assembled with multitudious creature parts as my frame/
    From within the molten core of this plannet i came/
    With my dogg's: D.C., Jehu and Poizonous E. to declare war upon the Lord and his Saints/
    Like i once said: "we coming through 2 thousand, thousand, thousand men strong"/
    To rule the lands of man for a period of forty and two months long/
    Then i forsee my end and without a trace or memory, i will be gone/

    There ya go! Hope y'all like it!

    *P.S: Poizonous E., Jehu has made his return! Hit him back dogg.

    Peace to ALL y'all
    (especially my dogg's: Jehu, exizt, and D.C. etc.)

    AIM: DarkDruid123

    Record: 17~4~0

    "FUCK Y'ALL!!"

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    by the way....

    by the way, if anyone who comes in here, feels like rating this shit, you can you know? Feedback of any kind is appreciated y'all.

    AIM: DarkDruid123

    Record: 17~4~0

    "FUCK Y'ALL!!"


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      AIM: DarkDruid123

      Record: 17~4~0

      "FUCK Y'ALL!!"


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        Jehu'd Back?

        Your fuckin kiddin right? Is Jehu really back? Damn cool, we gotta get his ass up here. Oh yo tha rhyme was tight keep it up dogg. Aye I got an avatar for all 3 of us, check this out:

        Dark Druid PoiZonous ExiZtance Jehu

        [ Lyrically Ripped Apart ]
        ~ Profanity
        ~ X-TACY
        ~ The Slick Jesus
        ~ DJ Scidazals

        [ Tha Hot Emcees ]
        ~ Prominant
        ~ The Invincible
        ~ Dark-Druid
        ~ PurpleHaze2701
        ~ Eyerone

        My Crew:

        [ Kurrupted Mindz ]
        ~ PoiZonous ExiZtance
        ~ Dark-Druid
        ~ Jehu

        [ Other Doggz ]
        ~ Cad
        ~ The Slick Jesus
        ~ Prominant
        ~ Lyrikally Lost
        ~ The Invincible
        ~ ShAdY D12 DiVa


        [ PoiZonous E. ]
        ~ I am the PoiZonous ExiZtance
        ~ Tha Toxic Death
        ~ I come here to slit wrists
        ~ To strip you of your every last breath


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          yo to my dogg's come read this freestyle i've done about this fucking forum!

          Yo peep this freestyle i have brewing. *I'm feeling all anti-establishment right now, so i'm pissed off! It's not my usual shit, i know, but like i said, i'm pissed off, and so, haven't got time for one of my calculated spits or nothing*


          Do i have to cast off my skin, and throw it to the wind?/
          Cleave out a pound of flesh and offer it, to get a friend?/
          I seem to be stuck in this cycle of blindness, over and over again/
          I'm kicking the fucking door down but no-one's letting me in/
          Maybe it's my background, bacuse i'm white, or my age at 17/
          Maybe it's the consequences of my actions, pay-back for my sins/
          I'm not asking much, just a quick little rating/
          You don't even have to like me, i'm not after appreciation/
          Maybe being ignored by everyone is a form of initiation/
          But fuck that, i've been in the fires and eternal damnation/
          I'm not starting shit with nobody, just venting my frustration/
          My spits seem to be getting cut short, like a lyrical castration/
          They say ignorance is bliss, but i'm fucking tired of this/
          You wouldn't care or notice, if i went and slit my wrists/
          I'm thowing a fucking tantrum like that Marriah Carrey bitch/
          Appart from with Jehu, and Exizt, i hold no position/
          Without them, my words would of died ages ago from attention malneutrition/
          This is a war of attrition, of shouting as loud, for as lond as i can with all the strength i've been given/
          But it doesn't fucking matter if i make your ear drums bleed, no-one apprt from those two, will sit up and listen/
          Setting fire to my epidermis, maybe i do deserve this/
          Maybe i'm being blanked by everyone on purpose, so i have to resort back to shock tactics in my stuff to make the casual viewer observe this/
          Etch my screaming pain into the main frame and shut down all the world's key internet servers/
          This is a quick key-style before i go to work, that's right, whatever i have i must go out and earn it/
          I can't wait till me and Exizt and Jehu are re-united on here to spit real horrid words of wisdom/
          But you probably won't give a flying fuck with your attitude not to post a response rating, your attitude of "who gives a fuck, forget them!"/
          I'm had enough, fuck this whole forum, "I'm Raging Against The Machine" and "Fighting The Power" not to be a "Slave To The System"!/
          Give me, or my doggs half a chance and we WILL give it our utmost to fire it up/
          Bodyslaming the pecking order and dropping your ignorant carcass like i was Brad Pitt in "Fight Club"/

          *IT'S A BIT DIFFERENT TO MY USUALL SHIT, -THOSE OF YOU WHO KNOW WHAT MY USUALL SHIT IS! Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't, only time will tell though, huh?

          Peace to ALL of you.
          (my dogg's: Jehu, Exizt, D.C. Esscay, and anyone who i forgot!)

          AIM: DarkDruid123

          Record: 17~4~0

          "FUCK Y'ALL!!"


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            "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosphy and vein deciet"/
            Tear this verse from the good book -Colosians 2, Verse Eight/
            The "Black Sabbath" Sunday service has begun, as my oral demons strap you to a seat/
            Heads burts, and brains ache whenever i start to speak/
            When i talk to Poizonous Existance, i'm preaching to the converted/
            My tongue blistes, from the heat i can spit or merely conversing/
            Onnce the denizens of the the night rise, the situation can only worsen/
            Deciphering archaic scriptures, incantations and curses/
            I have a church bounty on my head for halping Salman Rhusdy write the "Satanic Vesrses"/
            Sentenced to eternal damnation/
            Through an infinite amount of incarnations/
            Thrown from the Garden of Eden/
            I was the serpent that lead mankind to tempatation/
            A Hell-sent demon within a human skin/
            Carving into my flesh a list of the 7 Deadly Sins/
            A true "hell-spawn" like comic book character; Al Simmons/
            I am the star that fell from Heaven with a key to the bottomless crevace/
            Hell smoke and brimstone, burning with it like a furnace/
            Unleashing my legions of emcee locusts/
            Raming through all life, my scorching mike, like being blugeoned by a red hot poker/
            Riding into battle my crowned horses with the faces of men/
            To torture, mame, molest and condemn/
            Leaving a trail of carcases, millions dead/
            Saving only those, with the Lord's crest in their forehead/
            Using in my prose, i can make steel structures lean and bend/
            Dragging the unworthy to my molten kingdom/
            Behold the angel of the botomless pit with infinite names in many tongues/
            In Hebrew i am know as Abaddon, in Greek my name is Apollyon/
            ThaPreacha beholds his congrigation, and booms out demonic laughter/
            I slaughter all of my flock as i put them out to pasture/
            My mind morphs into a a hand-cannon with intentions to blast ya/
            One woe is past and behold another two cometh hereafter/
            Bad luck comes in a sets of threes/
            Clone myself into a triplicate set of emcees/
            Make the whole world bow to power on their knees/
            Releasing the 4 horseback angels of destruction from the River Euphrates/
            Judgement Day will one day come, i have seen it/
            Sooner rather than later bacuse my arrival was said to proceed it/
            This is my grand entrance, a warning of repentance, so heed it/
            This is heretic, judgement rap to fuck up your mind when you read it/
            I'm the Arc-Angel which once delivered Jesus/
            Grab the Dark-One by the neck and lead him out of Hell to show you the Beast lives/
            My dogg Poizonous Exiztance, once again set the plagues upon Egypt/
            I implant into your mind the pictures, of a thousand infants lying dead and bleeding/
            My punishment for taking the Lord's name in vein/
            Is to forever, for your amusement, gnaw off my tongue in pain/
            I couldn't have my life forshortened, not even with a slugg to the brain/
            Not even if i used a 12-Guage and made mince meat of my frame/
            Blessed is he that keep his garments and watcheth, or else ye wlak naked and everyone can behold your shame/
            Disturbing biblical stuff keeps flashing at me all of the time, like it did in the above line, again and again/
            My heart is blackened as i summon down from Heaven a great hail/
            Smirking at the end of human life as i drink blood from the Holy Grail/
            Any person who perceives me, with a glare of hate/
            I will strike down with a rain of boulders each 3 tons in weight/
            Exizt, run an errand for me to leave families torn/
            Leaving mothers weeping, slumped and forlorn/
            The final plague, party trick i liked when you took all the first born/
            We now working for the Scarlet Beast with 7 heads, and 10 horns/
            My words tear the flesh off anyone, stood still for too long/
            Like a sick, cannibalistic Kill Bee swarm/
            I'm coming through, 2 thousand, thousand, thousand men strong/
            Poizonous Exiztance; tell these people they have been warned/
            Reduce the plannet's inhabitants, to just the one/
            End all civalization, when the great city of Babylon falls/
            Me and my armies of emcees, melting through your city walls/
            AIM: DarkDruid123

            Record: 17~4~0

            "FUCK Y'ALL!!"


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              HELL YEAH.


              DO YOU EVER MISS?



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