cops spend so much money against me its like a million dollar CRIME FIGHT/
im the cat thats gonna stay under the LIME LIGHT/
what they FIND MIGHT be the rest of ur CRANIUM/
hangin up bleedin rappers by there toes and DRANIN THEM/
i hat when kids be CLAIMIN THEM the HARDEST/
but the biggest thing i be STRANIN THEM is im the rap ARTIST/
so play hand to hand well see what ur CARD IS/
probably the DEATH ONE THEN U DIE/
for takin it up ur RECTUM and if u say u dont THEN U LIE/
cats TRY to CRY while i get my PIECE OF PIE/
but all of u tryin to moch eminem all ur missin IS THE DYE/
i sigh on a regular basis cause ur SHYTS DRY/
and u lower then me cause my SHYTS SLY/
so go to sleep baby its time for BEDDY BYE/
so i dare u to TRY to beef WITH ME/
bring it to a battle then LETS SEE/
so ill just smoke some tree til u HIT ME BACK/
and i hit harder then a HEART ATTACK/
smokin weed like i got a CADIRAC/
i spit shyt that real ON THE TRACK/
and u spit shyts thats fake like u ON SOME CRACK/
this style i have is WHAT THEY LACK/
but they cant have this and THATS A FACT/
so im just about DONE SPITTIN/
so dont forget im the best and the words IVE WRITTEN/