dont bother reading if you aint got a wide range of vocab.

I elevate,past any speed you exelertate
slit ya throat from the back when you get a chance ta celebrate
lyrical killer,and thats what I say presages
take over ya mind wit cerebral sybliminal messages
unplug the radio,I take ya mind over before ya stereo reacts
takin dowm flyer fighters wit unparralelled ariel attacks
my shit is wicked,combined wit sick an sadistic
all the above n most noteably 2_XpLicIT
I'll rip off ya head and peirce through ya chest cavity
leave nothin but peices of what was once ya human anatomy
not many can touch some of my athletic flows
expose ya heart by blowin ya chest away wit ultra magnetic blows
I'll take you out easily,put you in ya pathetic graves
and annihhilate the world wit electromagnetic waves
its like the sake of a biological fate
my sick rhymes leave you in a fucked up psychological state