i hate girls they source of my rage
from now on i date girls who over my age
cuz they dont play and wont let stupid shit get in our way
they 'll stay and forgive you for lil shit that you say
or lil mistakes that you make your hearts less likely to brake
for goodness sake girls my age will drive you insane
they fuck wit your feelings and laugh at your pain
and i barely maintain but i fight against the grain
i got too much to lose and too little to gain
i never tried to be player so why do i played
left to dry in the rain while she run to some ***** named wayne
anyway i gotta get these girls outta my mental
always been the cute guy understanding and sentimental
but now im balzing these chicks wit this paper and pencil
or this keyboard i'll use any untensil
to all yall heartless heartbreaking evil females
this lyrical artist wishes all of you to hell