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    yo this is sum shit i wrote before i was on tha boards, jst wen i was gettin my feet i guess, its called the world today, id appreciate sum feedback yall

    Sikotik - The World Today

    (Calm Rapping Getting More Violent))
    i look at the world from under my eyebrow
    wishin u wud all leave me alone, then u ask how?
    if u wanna die, just do it, if u wanna do drugs, just do it
    we dont giv a shit, were here to pretend to care
    its all a lie, were livin this life, hopin we dont tear up someone elses life
    u turn round, and ur friends there, holding a knife
    u cant trust nobody no more, whats the world come to?
    wen u cant trust ur friend, so will the world please fuck off
    and leave me to do my own shit cus wen i kill you all
    you still wont care a bit, and i hope ur feelin well
    and i hope u survive ur trip to hell
    cus wen u return im gna kill you again

    hey limp, have it my way,
    and stay outta my face, cuz ur a head case,
    smoke sum purple haze, get fucked up and put in a daze,
    is this a phase? Why is life so crap?
    soon im gonna snap, im gna run away and neva cum back
    or i cud start smoking crack
    OD then hijack this track, distort it and give it back
    fuck school! it aint cool
    so all yall who say it fuck you too

    Cause this is my view, of the world today
    all the schizo motherfuckers need putting away
    but when will this happen, when its too late?
    when sumones tries to serve your heart on a plate?
    when they shoot you up, cause of shit you said
    then all the fuckers out there want you dead x2

    whats wrong with life? its appeal has gone
    its been goin on way too long
    fuck the world, if ya like it, yall just dumb
    so lets be real, we dont need to feel like shite
    we could all OD and end it tonight!
    then yall say whats the point?
    fuck it take this joint, get high,
    then just scream fuck life
    cause this is for y'all who diss
    and cuss cause your pissed
    fuck you, im gonna put a bag on your head
    strangle you till your dead
    take your body, put it in ur parents bed
    sit there and laff wen ur found
    bound to the bed by rope
    Im gonna rip you apart
    then serve your heart
    on a plate, cause i hate,
    this shit, im gonna slit,
    your throat with a knife,
    take away your life,
    and all this strife, and pain, the strain
    of this existence, my very presence,
    on this fucked up earth


    you wanna bit of the rough stuff?
    well tough
    you dont deserve my dick
    or my lick, on ur pussy
    wen ur warm and wet
    you just expect, me to giv wat you want
    well fuck you, I just wont, and thats that
    the final word, from the person that counts
    the one and only, the one that amouts
    to the most, in this hellhole,
    the one ya'll worship
    cause without me, is like being in a maze with no walls
    when i rip off your balls
    so take your last breath
    cause your about to feel death
    cause im gonna rob ur air
    make you go spare
    kill you, cus i dont care
    i dont give a fuck
    its your own fault
    ur all too late
    ive taken hell and swallowed it
    shit, its burning inside me
    cause im the walking satan
    im the evilist shit you ever knew
    cause i wont heisitate ill just kill you


    i fucking hate the dickweeds korn
    cause u fuckers shud neva ave bin born
    ur fucked in the head, were u born during a storm?
    and slipknot, u think ur hot?
    im gonna spray ur brains out, with an AK
    ull never get away, cause im sikotik
    marylin your'e gonna regret it
    regret the shit u threw at these goths
    you fucked up the generation of the current nation
    and introduced them to confusion cause ur a dillusion
    ur fucked up words, got these kids choking
    you must be joking? am i fuck joking
    uve screwed up this earth, the planet, i cant stand it,
    uve pushed it too far this time
    its beyond recovery, you all insist its fine
    then go and shoot up schools, our future leaders
    our future dealers, the weed growers
    the coke snorters, the pill takers
    the crack smokers the drugs barons
    the racists, the homicidals, the suicidals
    the kamikazee lovers
    you fuckers wud kill ur own brothers
    and wud feel no remorse when you turn on your own mothers
    thats what the world has come to


    Cause this is the world today

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