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  • Deep Stylin ~Long~ ~Hate~ Rate

    I added the end to it... it was needed a new topic so i made one

    Life, Pain, tha misery
    life is just shit dont try to live it
    just sit back and let tha world attack
    its all bullshit and it aint worth livin
    wangstas talk shit to boost their esteem
    when your fifteen, its like teens they just want to be popular
    they want to feel in tha crowd they want to be loved but they dont understand that none of that matters
    cuz its all about tha group that you hang wit and what they think about the stuff that you think about
    its about tha group that you hang around its about the people you love and the people you know that are there for you
    so why you even tryin to talk shit just so you can feel better about yourself its all bullshit that i dont wanna hear
    so just dont even talk to me when you see me just keep walkin and talkin to your little fuckin friends
    i dont wanna look at you so when i have to see you when im walkin ill just keep on going about my business
    im a ****** i admit i dont care i got love for tha beats and tha rhymes i spit so leave me alone and stop mockin
    im a bigger rhymer im a ****** who is gonna make it someday so why you try to diss tha way i go about my life
    im sick of this shit, sometimes i just wanna take out a knife and stab and stab but instead i rap and i rap
    i may be mad but im not a crazy motha fucka i try not to swear in my raps but sometimes it just comes out,
    but what will you do? i look at you and i see hatred in your eyes and yet all you do is tell lies
    i dont get why you act like dissen is a prize, size up to life and listen as i advise you on how to live
    i gotta problem with everyone who disses for no reason, who cant back up what they say and cant think what they do
    at tha view people spread rumors, rumors of this or of that things that would never happen to happen
    rappin is rappin, and yes i still say fuck tha world.... it never did any good but ill give it another chance
    ill take a stance about what i believe, that i dont like people who hit on me of the same sex
    or when romance turns to shit for no fuckin reason at all, when a rumor becomes more than just words
    and the words turn to anger and the anger turns to hate... when bitches rate on what they see and not what they feel
    when motha fuckin bitches come here and they neva fo real or when bitches they smack you and for no reason at all
    i recall a time when i made this bitch cry, she made such a big deal when i did nothing at all
    why must people be so sensitive to words or rhymes... why cant people just come out and have some good times
    why cant my rap just get to the audience so i can finally say goodbye? what kinda reply will i get when a critic
    hears my raps and like an acidic solution it burns through their minds like all kinds of lyrical lines that
    make them hear diamond mine ova and ova in their mind.... and they start to mime what we say?
    what do you think when you see others shrink to a lower level and cower over reasons never before issued to people
    i think everyone i have talked about in this rhyme need to climb to a top of a steeple
    and jump for their lives... no for their death...it may get easy, just smoke some meth
    kid, lets get technical if you read macbeth you see some misery right there
    tha kind i got... when everything seems to go wrong
    a song cant express my feelings towards where i believe i belong
    sometimes, im forced to just go along with what others think
    i dont share my thought until the time is right... in spite of everything i believe
    i know when to be polite or when to recite what i truly believe
    now i know you might think that what i write is not what i recite in my head
    again i know im white and i know that theres better out there...
    im not hear to hate im just hear to set what i think straight
    im not hear to desecrate the fame of any rappers and im not hear to diss
    i just want people to listen to this and feel what i say
    i cant help i got hatred i just spit what i believe
    i grieve at what i grieve, and i believe what i believe
    i believe ill achieve a record deal to seal tha deal
    i may be naive but i rap from what i perceive
    i rap until i relieve this fuckin thing inside me that tells me to hate
    i rap straight from tha mind like some kind of rappa who came from behind
    and is now intertwined wit tha whole rap game, im combined wit tha rest to make tha best
    fuck tha world like i say just do what i say and the world will get betta
    if you dont believe what i say that fuck yourself
    my family collapsed and now im sat back and waiting in time elapsed
    i cant stand my life but what can i do? me and my crew we just try our best
    to show what we can do, but we cant be the best when so many out there are just so good at this game
    but we never claim that we betta we just do what we do and hope for the best
    no we dont need to wear ther bulletproof vest we aint here to be hatin we here to be neutral
    and show where we at cuz we know that we there we just need to time to show that our rhyme does flow
    we need time to show what a line can do if spit right wit tha tone that you need to hear
    a tear may roll down yo cheek cuz of what we speak in our rhymes our technique is unique
    its like tha motha fuckin holy week, all i see now is people who diss for religion
    its a motha fuckin decision to believe or not to believe in god yet i find if you dont
    you get yelled and screamed at, then held and teamed on
    i mean what tha fuck is this country gonna do when they go back to just one fuckin religion with no freedom?
    when our citizens they smell worse than dutch e-dom?
    if you know what im sayin that you finally know what im thinkin
    so im dont with this shit and im dont wit this thought
    i hope a brought a lot of thoughts into yo head of pain or distraught
    i tried and i never lied about what i thought so im done

    not edited yet... will do that lata what ya think?


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