have there ever been a time, when you felt like you were the epitome of shit/
like there would be no tomorow, and decided to just quit/
like nobody in the world loved you, thought that you was there/
that you had hurt feelings, yet no fucker seemed to care/
did you feel angry at the world, blame it for all that's wrong/
if that you, then I suggest that you read out this song/
because there will always be changes, things will never be the same/
just have faith, keep trying, before pleasure, always comes pain/
You might feel like one minute you was happy, just strollin/
then the next, your angered body was filled with emotion/
maybe your family is broke, or broken in half/
and you think you'll make it better, by pulling out that gat/
and blastin out your brains, "to make it better" you claim/
but when the tears come, who'll ease them?/
now those who really did care, will now be weakend/
I know things might seem strange, impossible and tough/
but in the worst of all times, you must keep your head up/

You lost your job, no money will come in the mail/
your fiance was trying to feed his family, but ended up in jail/
you trust your gurl to never cheat you, you didn't doubt her/
but she stole everything from you, your friends, your power/
everything just seems to be spinning in a fast circle/
you get irratible, start trippin over shit like steve urkel/
ya fought for what ya earned, and now its all gone/
you think you have no other choice, but to be a con/
you want no more flaws, yet ya screw with the law/
from pimpin bitches, to stealin dough, you go so low you could crawl/
it's saddening how you sit there and just pity yourself/
your thinking you should be there happy, sitting your ass in wealth/
but when it hurts so bad you feel there's only one way to kill the pain/
you find a razor, cut yourself, you think your a nobody wit no name/
the blood oozing, you try to stop, you try to do that quick shit/
but it's too late, now you've just become another statistic/
i know you feel so bad, you wanna break down and cry/
but the key to finding things and happiness, is called life/

Your boy is over at your house, watchin TV/
then comes your sexy spouse, lookin whorish to tha extreme/
she obviously likes attention, doin a slutty dance/
your boy tells her to stop, but not the lump in his pants/
the next day, you go to work, you think everything's alright/
but somethin happened while you were away last night/
the guy you trusted from pre-school, always gave you the best crowns/
decided that he'd like your wife to sleep around/
it's funny how at first you thought she was all crazy/
till she threw up so much you KNEW she was carryin a baby/
but you hadn't gotten freaky, there was no possible explanation/
and then, while your thinkin about it, there comes a revelation/
you shouldn't trust anybody in life/
from your closest buddy, to your two-timin wife/
but don't even think of taking away your breaths
because the REAL person you need, you haven't yet met/
she broke your heart, I know but leave her and go on/
I hope you learn somethin from this special song/
I know things might seem strange, impossible, and tough/
but in the worst of times, it's best to keep your head up/


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