Fuc u,
U Motha Fuckin' piece of Shit U.
Always talkin' shit to me,
Laughin' at me, while i'm cryin'
Gone dayz without eatin'
Takin' pills,
Hey it's not cheatin,
What did I eva' do to u?
I don't deserve this, but sure as hell, u do!
Ur a fat ass dick, alwayz thinkin' Ur the shit.
Well FUC U! ur gonna be sorry, cuz I'm leavin u.
Took all my money with ur stories,
"ya I hate to ask u, but I promise I'll pay u back..."
"sorry babe, u know I love U"
Well fuc u!!!
Don't even know how treat ur mama,
Pushed her right in front of me,
And all she does is please u,
U don't know how good u got it,
What, u have no conciouus?
I'm shakin now.
U make me sick, Ur a punk ass pric,
Always thinkin ur the shit.
I'd rather be dead, than be with ur sorry ass
U went through three cars, ten cells, and a bunch of shit!
I worked my ass off, hated my jobs and u just took it all!!!
I'm 21 now, don't even got a car,
Dis connected my pager, don't even have a cell.
You know I help my family and try to help myself,
But u don't give a fuc, I hate U.
All u do, is talk shit, slap me in front of friends,
No wonder they want to kill u,
I pushed u back, slapped and socked ur sack,
I'm so nummmbbb, I can't think about all dat,
Ur luck ran out, cuz right now, "I just don't give a Fuc,"
I'm Out....