all i see are wack MC's / crack 'em walking empty
white, brown & black MC's /
talking friendly
got the remedy
for repetitiveness
striking enemies with
speech impediments
when they speak with irrelevance
hell-of-us feel wack shit
don't deserve a deal
let alone mass appeal /
'less you crashing real shows
and fashion deals grow-slow
pose in publications
with a face i don't know /
sport a 2 dollar black Tshirt
rock a little bit of gold
its not the content of the story
it's simply how it's told
you gotta know to be familia'
chrome to karma-kill-ya
sorry to alarm ya, but bitch,
I don't feel ya / here to harm ya
ya need to shed some tears
angels come to heal ya
stab you then disappear, can't real-ate?
listen here/ let me reiterate
demon-strate and set the record staight
real-fate awaits you with a blatant face
don't turn to run the reaper gives chase
want people to hate you?
stand in my place
chilling with the Ted Bundy's and
John Wayne Gacey's
that statement was fabricated
like most of Jay Z's
pollenated like the Killa Beez
do to daisies / planting seeds spawning
lack of creativity in the industry
got me yawning, / it's boring
more and more cowshit
magic mushrooms sporing
raining painful MC's fuckers, /
you hear it, it's pouring
i stay sharp and focussed
while these sleepwalkers all snoring
keep talking and ignoring
while i kick the damn door-in
you fux!

"cocksucker prick, I'm o' floss for the fuck of it!" - u know who