some old love veres i found from a few years ago

i told this girl i liked her, and she said she liked me
we be together all morning afternoon and nightly
best friends forever i wanted somthin more slightly
rightly,like her to be my wifey
but time slipped away and the chance got killed
the feelings didnt die everytime we chilled
she made me feel special i aint feel that in a while
all my problems disappear when i see her smile
she a sean kingston bitch make you feel suicidal
she dose certin things whitch is why i do what i do

i wanna make it work you dont even know
say you love me but thats somthin you dont even show
stuck doing your childish games like you wont even grow
you started name calling and i called you a coke fien hoe
i know you never fucked for drugs but you get slutty
for any dickhead with a stash who thinks theyll get lucky
when they try to get close i know you say dont touch me
but you put yourself in that spot,you really gotta ask why you dont trust me
then she try to flip it on me like that wouldnt work
but over time my chest achs like that shouldnt hurt
now im sittin here messed up feelin bad thinkin
we all say shit we dont mean when were drinking
say im sorry you said your time i just take up
before you hung up you said you want to break up
i never ment to say you were useless from the waist up
did i ever tell you you look good with out your make up

she got me feelin like that dude,i cant breathe when your touching me
to only spend one night with her isnt enough for me
im not the best lookin dude im broke times is rough for me
it didnt matter cause this dime still wanna fuck with me
luckly i got her,i dont know why she stuck to me
she could of been chillin with anyone but she in the cut with me
haters say good for you but that sucks for me
shortys a 10 faithful and she only sucks for me
think shes with me for my money she never got a buck from me
to me she priceless thats why she fucks for free