This routine is obscene when its everyday at eighteen/
hey man you got ashes on my blue jean/
met a girl the other day named colleen/
she had the bomb green/
it was mean when it came through the smoke screen/
feelin screne i reach for the bong/
to strong to hold in for long/
time for a shotgun, to my head its a homerun/
feel like I won but chill son I'm done/
its gettin to be too much fun/
aight roll another blunt, don't front/
get on the hunt fo sacman/
if you see a police van, make a secret plan/
to get stan and tell him to forget bout bein a slim shady fan/ cause now i'm the man, fuck where is dan the weedman?/
all i needs a G, hopefully for free/
but this aint a charity, roll with me/
we'll match the smoke tree, just us three/
you, me and the bomb diggity/
i guarantee youll be high to the third degree/