Aiyo aiyo/mrs hailey jade countin the 1-2-3/she thought she was the best/till she battled wit me/im ur land lord/time to pay up ya fee/i spit hot lyrics/like my tongue was a stove/u smoke front yard grass/i puff on dro/its time that i use my true battle lyrics/blaze you real qwik/and let the whole world hear it/i chop you off at the knees/have you beggin "NO PLEEZ"/i smash ya head in wit my lyrical content/u blaze me?/c'mon thats nonsense/if u really wanna say sumthin/id like to hear ur 2 cents/but if not/then stay ur ass on the other side of the fence!

Mr. B. Kuffs reppin tha K.I.D.s