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Faced With: Only People With Creativity Read This

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  • PoiZonous E.

    Now Jehu's too lazy to say PoiZonous E. lol That was good though Jehu! Another great flow as always. I seriously dunno why you two put up with me lol, you guys making me look bad on purpose?

    I guess since no one else has any ideas I'll just say my answer. My answer was Life & Death.

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  • jehurocket
    were faced w/
    debilitating complacement,
    & that's an understatement
    i was made to shapeshift this fucked arrangement
    i'm takin it to a higher plane
    a place where they wire the brain to inspire this game
    so stop hatin
    you came to try and make a name and shift blame
    while i remain alone in a zone twistin cain.
    this hell is my home and i'm kickin shame to the curb
    w/ words that refrain from being heard
    to hear my voice would cause too much pain
    but i do applaud those who try in vain.

    i got inspired to put my own ending e.

    dark and exizt, your guys' shit is off the hook, just like every other time you've spit. keep up the good work. thanks dog

    one love to exizt and the preacha


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  • Lyrikally Lost
    i woulda thought racists too. but i think it might be bullies or somethin' to that sense cuz i read it over like 5 times and there's jess certain clues that kinda lead to me thinking that. but still, that shit was ill as fuck. keep it up, dawg. oh yah, and big up Dark Druid too. ur rhyme was tizzzzzzzzzzite, yo. ay, go peep mah forum, dawg-- "Lost Ya Prt2". peace tha hekk out y'all.

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  • PoiZonous E.
    DJ Phat

    Thanks for your guess DJ Phat! I can see how you got it, so does anyone else have an idea? C'mon People! No DJ Phat Racists wasn't what I was thinking but any answer is correct!

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  • PoiZonous E.

    I already got him one. Make sure your avatar is saved as a bitmap file instead of a GIF file, then goto profile, edit options, then down to the bottom, then to change avatar, then browse, then find your avatar and tada!

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  • Ian
    hey PoiZonous E

    Liked it. Decide for your self whether i have 'creativity' or not. Check the threads in my sig. Ur style reminded me too much of Eminem's though. No beef, it just did.

    The last word.... when i was readin it, i thought it should say 'racists' at the end. Good though. Keep it up.

    Att: Dark Druid

    If u want a better avata, i will make u one. Check mine out.


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  • Dark-Druid
    yo Poizonous!!!!!

    To answer your questions: I ain't gonna even stress about D.C. He ain't shit to any of us, really. I can't seem to sort this avatar out...what program do you use to open and place it on your profile.....coz my program's even ms paint, won't do it properly! Also: I can't wait 'till we decide on a name, and then get the crew started so we can tear up some crew battles..

    Peace to you my dogg.


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  • PoiZonous E.

    An' don't let what Dark-Cardi say even begin to get to you, he's just bein a fagg cause he doesn't know what it's like to have true doggz who are always there for him. Aye you, me, and jehu need to collab on this shit some time!

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  • PoiZonous E.
    Ayo! Ayo!

    Hey Dark-Druid also major props on tha battle rap format. I have never seen you do a battle, I think you should head over to tha battle board and blow everyone away with tha skills of a true emcee. But your right, those lyrics were way to complicated for most of the people at d12online.com, now you see why I left that shit huh? Anyways major props! Oh ayo too have tha names of your doggz, crew, or battle stats or whatever on every post like I do. Just put what ya want in your signature. Goto profile then edit profile then put whateva in tha signature! Oh hey your avatar isn't showing up! Try and fix that!

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  • PoiZonous E.

    Ill ass shit Dark-Druid, yet some more real hype shit, I'm feelin this flow, and I'm lovin it! I neva liked Dark-Cardi, of course you already know that, but oh well. C'mon can't someone tell me what they think? What no one is creative enough to answer the question? Faced With What?

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  • Dark-Druid
    that's some cool shit!

    Yo PoiZonous ExiZtance -see i'm not that lazy! lol that was some nice shit! Hey i'm gonna post a freestyle that i just posted on d12online.com. Coz most of those dumb cunts on there won't fucking get it!

    It's not my ususall shit, but check it out anywayz...you might like it It contains a little fucking warning to Dark-Cardi, coz he got a lil too big for his boots, and said i kiss too much ass, something! Read it anywayz, dogg.

    This is straight from my ceribellum/
    Spitting rhymes and giving props to the Devil/
    Fighting the Holy light like a pure Satanic rebel/
    In death and destruction i revel/
    I can keep my rhymes firing straight all night/
    The mind's missles launched from my left hemisphere to attack you from the right/
    With my tiger claw uppercut, i'll leave any of y'all fucked up, with just one swipe/
    My tongue muscle's strong enough to flex, and bench-press Suge Knight/
    You get a twenty one punch salute at your burial/
    Killing you with just a breath that's evil and ephemeral/
    Now if i said that you kissed major ass, can you tell me that wouldn't be offending you?/
    Now you know what i'm getting at, i'm pissed off at a number of you cats/
    I'm gonna launch this lyrical attack, and make cardi clear again, fuck being black/
    My tongue will smash, straight the re-inforced shell of an armoured U.S. army tank/
    In a darkened room i practice, with my scriptures and satanic trincits, you'll find me reciting/
    My flows hit faster and harder than a streak of lightning/
    It's rather frightning, that i can change to the form of a beast a horned flame spewing lion/
    Jaws clenching and biting, strong enough to chew and swallow cast iron/
    I can't be knocked down on the mat for the count of ten, i simply stand there laughing and go at you again, you won't get a hit restired, coz rumbling with me's like shadow fighting/
    Dumping bars, from afar, like a missle from an american F18 when it's flying, and obliterating everything, like carpet bombing, or like my words are air-striking/
    Millions will be left starving, and dying from the effects of the Horsemen of Four: War, Death, Pestilance, and Famin/
    Raining droplets, of the strongest industrial acids, with more force, than the falls, in Niagra/
    Some rhymes, writings and shit, couldn't stand up and be counted, if i hooked them up to a drip, and injected Viagra/
    In a trance, flames leaping from my hands, all my joints snapped to face right angles, full of furious anger/
    Trumpets called for Armageddeon, Racing down from the firey throne of Heaven, to smite all emcees, deemed as weak, by the Holy Father/
    This will be one of the last posts on this whole shity board/
    I've been blazing on here since i arrived hearralded from the Lord/
    Ancient languages of sin, flow deep from within/
    Fuck everyone on here that i don't class as a friend, my spits will shater you bones, and make sure they poke, through your skin/
    Jehu and Exizt are my only two doggs on here and always have been, no one else on here been anywhere near down for me like these two have from the begining/
    Drain your bodies of all your blood and life liquids/
    Infected shit, i spit, that leaves you fucked up and infected, like it was siphilis/
    Feel the evilness, and deep in-set wickedness, i can throw in this, like Dr. Evil i have a PhD in being an evil genius/
    Who so fucking ever i shout out in my rhyme deleiverence, is none of your fucking buisnesses/
    Time to pass out my pass out my apocalyptic judgements and, if you ain't struck down by this verbalist/
    Throwing old voodoo curses, then your purpose, it to record and be the Lord's witnesses/
    Mediocre spitters, trying like me to understand lost scriptures, are used as fodder for my lyrical blasts from 12 Guage cartriges/
    Because i'm touched with 12 types satanic lyrical sicknesses/
    Stop acting like you don't know what this, now get in and spit some of your shit to collab with me and this, help me rip some shit that's truely blashpemous/
    I'm a Makaveli 7 Day Theory apprentice, if you wanna come and write some shit behind this freestyle of a circle of 3 lyrical wizards/
    And to anyone who reads and appreciates my spits, i thank you, with this freestyle right hook to your temples/
    Ripping though your stomach, and slowly pulling out your intestines/
    Scratch your name into my defeated list, making sure you can never come back at me, by taking away you ability, to spawn any seeds, by also removing your testes/

    Peace to Jehu, PoiZonous ExiZtance, and Lyrically Lost!
    (it's not my usual shit, but i just felt like freestyling on the spot! -u know?)


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  • Lyrikally Lost
    that was ill as fuck, dogg. i luv ya style. keep up tha good shit. peace tha hekk out and go peep mah forum. keep on writin', dawg!!

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  • PoiZonous E.
    Whoops mistake

    Excuse me, but in the bar "this is just a strife of a rapper"
    It was suppose to be "this is just the strife of a rapper"

    Sorry bout that!

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  • Faced With: Only People With Creativity Read This

    Ha Ha Ha Ha /
    Y'all think I'm alive but I'm not /
    Is this skill that I got, does anybody else feel hot /
    My mind is full of unthinkable thoughts /
    Its just the way I was taught /
    Brought up /
    And all these students gettin shot up /
    Just do it or shutup, I hope your not listening to this sick fuck /
    Just lookin to get his 13 year-old dick sucked /
    Please come enter my mind, a world of violent crime /
    Whats happening I wonder, has the dark side took me under /
    Lighting and thunder /
    Try to comprehend, thinks you don't understand /
    But you won't, yet you obey my command /
    So stay, and meet my demand /
    Eminems fans wont disband /
    No matter how much he says he doesnt give a damn /
    So these lyrics don't make sense /
    You hearin this nonsense /
    I guess I'm just dense /
    Things are about to get intense, so put up your defense /
    Or suffer the consequence /
    My lifes a disaster, yet all I'm hearin is laughter /
    My dads a fuckin bastard /
    Life needs to move a bit faster /
    Don't listen to me, this is just a strife of a rapper /
    Whose still a teenager /
    Who found out life has no cure /
    Now I'm livin in fear /
    Is there a way to disappear /
    And end up far away from here, and get the guts to fend off enemies who come near /
    With no one to depend on me, and the world will surrender to me /
    This is becoming confusing isnt it /
    I have nothing, and im loosing it /
    Abusing myself, not giving a shit /
    These words are becoming explosive, is it because of this overdosage /
    This feeling, gives me complete control /
    This being, this beat comes straight from the soul /
    So what's fictional, a flesh eating troll /
    Finally I think I understand the basics /
    The world is fucked, people can hate this /
    But the truth is, everyday we're faced with /

    Ok, this is a test of creativity. I already know the answer, but I want to see what everyone else thinks. The last bar "but the truth is, everyday we're faced with" I stopped there. So what do y'all think I would've said? It doesn't have to rhyme. That's the main reason I stopped cause I couldn't think of something, but really its the point of the whole entire flow. So what was I going to say? Remember it doesn't have to rhyme. After I hear what other people think, I'll say what I thought. Also some feedback would be nice

    These lyrics, and the whole flow in general mostly probably won't make sense to alot of people. So many will be confused as fuck, but that's ok But anways so what do y'all think, Faced With What? There is no prize or anything, I just want to see what y'all think! So c'mon who is the most creative? Once again feedback will also be nice.

    Disclaimer: These lyrics are not ment to offend anybody, for those who understand them, lol. It's a very confusing flow and alot of it doesn't make sense. But for the some of you, these lyrics are not ment to offend, and my beliefs cannot be changed, so haters don't even start!

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