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  • ONE LAST BREATH (500 views, 120 posts, when posted at rapmusic.com)

    [the invincible]
    my rhymes be filtering thru yur system and cause yah to listen/
    to the words of a torchered soul, screamin out loud within/
    the walls of my flesh, behold what yu cannot see or hear/
    my pain is like a mental mirror, the future is what i fear/
    time in itself is about to collapse leavin me blind/
    about my past, and all the question i forgot to ask/
    i gain strenght from the nature of violence, sightless?/
    i can see it seepin thru, makin not a sound, but in silence/
    the devil is my savior,he helped me make final decisision/
    cutting incisions in my life, all comes to a halt for this/
    my mind is trapped in an empty room, neva to wander ,shit/
    i need to regain consiousness of whos in control in my existence/
    the death of my inner spirit, im the only witness/
    when things began to break away, i jas didnt pay attention/
    now im fuckin crazy, and ready to teach maw'fuckas a lesson/
    an angry kid who wants nothin more than to show his feeling/
    mental house? i aint got energy to jump across the ceilings/
    padded or not, my cortex is no longer workin overtime/
    its about to shutdown, but energysed when i spit sober lines/
    usually,half-drunk, and half-high, with a touch of maddness/
    this was neva part of the plot, and no, i did not plan this/

    Yo check it out skamz spittin getting u confused like u taken examz/
    reppin t-dot but u better not get caught on turf or u might get shot/
    messin with t-dot ill raise my hand furious/
    smack u across ur face spin around in circles delerious/
    I was born into a mysterious life/
    Fuckin round with me will make things worse talk shit don't test me I got aim at ur chest with a red dot watch u die and rot told u things will get worse now u dead in the back of a hearse/
    Oh my god it's the curse of skamz verse/
    and that's the way its bin ever since birth on This palce they call earth now im gonna take over this
    nation like manifestation starting with rm.com u feel the vibration comin from my rhyme I get this sensation when I start to rhyme not the same relation thoe to the sensation I get from ur girl/
    I never lose a battle cause im gods creation and cause the way I put my words in formation I never lose now u see where I get my frustration/
    Talk shit bout rhymin or rap ill give u a clap not jus a tap u set off the trap by Skamz and u made me snap/
    Now im bout to attack from the back cause u cant mess with me or xplizit conceptz cause u lack the skill to be cold or ill and those are the tips I leave u with not to fuck around with Skamz cause IM crazy /

    From the pits of Hell I burst out with both wings spread
    With a mic in my hand to spit curses in to your head
    Coloured red like I'm covered in your fresh bloodshed
    My evil twisted lyrics enter your mind while your in bed
    Wakin you up in a cold sweat make you grab your gun
    Fill your self with lead cos you know you can't run
    You can't hide, I fuck your mind up just for fun
    Cos I'm Lucifa a.k.a Satan God's only evil son
    Nice people I hate 'em like mild cheese I grate 'em
    Bad people I create 'em So call me the Great one
    Mics I break 'em so loud I smash your eardrum
    Lucifa and Soul Reepa makin up Da Curst Two
    You act hot headed then we gonna burst you
    Y'all stand in amazement when we burst through
    You need so much luck that you carry a horse shoe
    But it ain't gonna help cos we use it to kill you
    Wrap it round your neck then just straight up leave
    Can't buss a rap back cos you can't even breathe
    Everyone knowin your wack so no-one gonna grieve
    The skillz you lack we just couldn't believe
    So go sit in the corner and suck your damn thumb
    Walk into the corridor pissed off Jamaican rum
    Pretend I'm your corinor say you died of bein so dumb
    Your mom cryin in the mirror tryin to fix her make-up
    Prayin to God to take you upto Heaven in death
    Walked in to see your corpse before she left
    Cryin all the way home til she was short on breath
    Soon as she got home I grabbed the bitch and fucked her to death.....

    "Well she was my wife ..... cos you all my children .... MUHAHAHAhah"

    [the invincible]
    the world watches as a yung boy turns to destruction in time of need/
    not for anything of whta we knew, and it wasnt fa greed/
    this child will now grow up to be a threat to all of mankind/
    and Im sorry that im lettin this happen, all i can do i stand-by/
    the heart of the project lie beneath, in the heart that keeps him alive/
    ima dive into bloody visions of lives taken away with a strive/
    a killin spree wont help, this is a case of a greater evil/
    as i spit words, the plan and plot gets thicker than i revealed/
    a seedless thought became a joint effort and now the war begins/
    there aint no chance of victory on yur part, chaos has no sequence/
    pestilence runs rampanth as plagues take more and more lives/
    startin to think why the lord permits me to stay alive?/
    this criminal-soon to be powerful being should be banished emidietly/
    shoulda had the abortion when they had the chance, seeminlesly/
    now i live to harm others, and let others try to hurt me/
    im only 15, how can one human cause so much trouble this early/
    im a hazardous youth that has nothing to do, but to start disaster/
    trembling in fear,the attacker,will realise,he should try to escape faster/
    tryin to destroy somewhat of a godly being, is physically impossible/
    thas why they call me invincible, Ill put yu all in the hospital/
    i can be an unstoppable force not to be fucked with/
    playformore.org , One Year Millionaire Blog

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    same as b4

    i think its a good rhyme!
    girls (y'all a some god damn girls)
    why do you act this way? (why do you act this way, huh?)
    why do y'all act like fuckin sissies you pussies keep talkin shit behind my back you just some bitches for that and we all know (we all know)
    how fuckin cowards roll (keep rollin rollin rollin)
    and fuckin britneys who pretend to be down but as soon as someone calls you out you put your tail between your legs and bow down

    Fuck Bizkit



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      thanks for the response....

      playformore.org , One Year Millionaire Blog


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        that was tight man
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          blah... this was...mediocre.

          oVeRaLL tExT wReCkOrD

          .tHaTs aLL tHaT nEEdS tO bE kNoWn.


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            that was tight. liked it a lot.
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              thanks thanks...

              playformore.org , One Year Millionaire Blog


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