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  • Check This Out, Some Funny Shit

    his name was jeff and he looked pretty lame
    his dads in prison and his mum's on the game
    hes a lil heavy meatler, tryin to seek fame //
    hes a lil bitch, da group has him tame //

    now his friend is tony C and he got done
    all because he shot his history teacher with a gun
    beat that punk lee hughes's ass at school //
    ginner prick he thinks hes fuckin cool //

    Now all I know is that lee's fuckin too rich
    and just like his mum he's a punk ass bitch
    woah, i shudnt say this, but hes really my son //
    his mums a hardcore bitch, i gave her tha run //

    Whoo wait a minute that womens a minger
    im gonna beat her ass live on jerry springer
    fo real? well i had my beer goggles on at the time //
    had her doggy style over the table after snortin a line //

    Ok Sikotik but save sum of that shit 4 me
    cos after I've kicked her arse im gonna do the same to lee
    lees a soft prick who acts like hes king shit //
    ima strike him like a match, and have him fuckin lit //

    Ok thats cool it will go down a real hit
    but first im gonna strangle his mum with her right fuckin tit
    aight then, but ill have her left, theres enough to share //
    ima rip her fuckin clothes off, so shes standin there bare //

    cool that sounds like fun, u better give me a go
    u can beat her hard and I'll beat her slow
    ill take her from behind, give her double penetration //
    then we can broadcast it over the net, trans-nation //

    all i know is that craig's the king of rap
    and if u dissagree with that bitch u can shut ya trap
    lol that shits tight, we cud rule tha boards togather ice //
    all there shits wack, we 2 tight ass dawgs, there too nice //

    Im sorry Sikotik but jeff thinks he's top boy
    but on the mean streets of Kendal Im the only real Mckoy
    jeff is nothing compared to us, hes a figment of yo mind //
    ima cut him up, eat him for breakfast, theyl never find //

    all i know is my bitch is to tight for me
    my last dog was slack it was like she cud hold 3
    and some are way too stress bitches, PMT //
    Pre Menstrual Terrorist, like that bitch lee //

    he likes it in his mouth but especialy up the rear
    that dogs puff and I know he's fuckin queer
    ive heard his ass was as tight as a virgins pussy //
    soon changed, too many dicks now hes all crusty //

    Now the end is near but Ive one thing left to say
    and thats eddy's fuckin bent and the worlds gone gay
    aiyo props to this shit, it was a bit weird //
    if ya dont like it, CHEW ON MY ANAL BEARD //

    lmao, it wasnt meant to be dope or out, we was jst havin a laugh, hehehe, anyways, u dnt ave to give feedback, but it wud be appreciated
    :D p.s the writing in bold is me and the normal writin is someone i know called adam wightman, cheers
    Last edited by sikotik; 09-03-2001, 03:37 AM.

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    aawww that was tight koo man
    defeated list

    dexta- double xl- phizzle- hollow pointz- illest- razael- lyrikally lost- xtacy- sikotic- jady- underworld- peel junkee- purplehaze2701- dj scidazals- ray thunder- catastrophe-millzma$ta- drakk-I.e-freestyla122
    http://www.geocities.com/fusion1121/du7.gif herbs die slow


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