I wrote this shit in school to pass the time...

I see the light what a sight
I just might take this journy it could be a mistake and hurt me to the point I need surgery
it could be fate and learnin me a lesson before they murder me
is it purgery just a lie some bullshit you servin me in this fight for life
just some hype to break my spirit
your fake I hear it,
the gun u holdin I will not fear it
I won't be tearin, no need to cry
if it's my time to die I'll sigh and say my good-bye's
as I fly right by, ur crib in the sky
laughin cuz I know u'll meet your doom
karma will catch up with you soon
my dogs will harm ya too before u hear this tune
every lyric mentally composed cuz I'ma soulja
eventually ur ass will be exposed as a poser
secondly no mean to impose on ya joker
but I spit the truth I'ma youth
ahead of my time, y'all know I got the juice when u read on my rhyme
i knocked out ya tooth when u fed off my time
at the moment this comes to the end
so say good-bye to my little friend
I ride off on foot fuck a benz
I'm more dependable and truthful to myself
bullshit is not very useful to my health
fuck wealth I rap for me, the gratification is self