i wrote this shit against this dude in a battle but he never showed up.

so just let me know what you think, leave some feedback
im new at this shit!

damm you lost yourself?your fucken dumb//
more retarted than roofus the bum//(roofus from Bum Fights)
going up against me is like a hex,that you cannot beat//
you battling MTX,who spits nothing but heat//
I spit more fire, than a flame thrower//
You couldn't win if you luck was higher, than a four leaf clover//
My name should be eminence, cause im above all//(eminence means above all)
like Yao Ming in the presence,of midgets 3 feet tall//
now before this continues it course,lets stop and take a poll//
how many of you think ima rip him up worse,than his boyfiend did his asshole//
damm lost yourself that must take its toll//
you probably have it as wide as a cereal bowl//
What ashame, a unaymous vote//
this was stragiht from the brain, aint even shit i wrote//