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    Aiight guys...what do ya think about dat???
    All day along just hear everybody talkin',
    I'm tired of listenin' ya,u saw me going without sight,just walkin',it can really bite ur soul if everything is
    botherin' and making mad,u lucky ones have ur choices but guess what,I didn't had!
    Just keep on smilin' and talkin' some shit out of ur mouth,try to stay friendly,pending between shouting or not,yea plz,I'll welcome ya'll to the South!Dat's my place to know how hell really likes,dat hurts,dat's crazy,c'mon...just make a test on me,baby! What? Now what? Do I gotta shoot from little revolver?Or do ya gimme AK-47? Ou man,now dat's true heaven,just feel dat power is urs...haa u're shut now,ofcourse,sure!!
    just stay away from my road,it's da SnoOOOOp DogGGG,yeah but borned as female,white female,ou no- I aint gonna fail!!!
    I borned in da time of darkness- Januray,tell was it a fortune or was it a casuality,to become da next star,yeah..in this hip-hop war.
    This world is going crazier and madder each time I look it,it's just every time I say smt,one person still gotta book me,
    u're livin' on my shoulders and putting an underloud pile on me,this crap aint fun nomore,stop mixin' my music,dat's my shit so get outta here,open ur eyes and see.
    Angry people in ghettos are just like directors of companies,
    and maybe they're even bette' coz they know how to handle this,
    how to run for ya life if nothing else is left,but hah big noses wud fall immediately,coz some powdered asses dunno non about what might be!
    Have ya ever lived outside while it's 30 degrees below zero?
    Have ya ever robbed a man,to feed ur little sis,to be her hero?
    To gave her this less dat u can get,so darling have ya?!? C'mon speak with me,have ya?Ofcourse u aint,and dat's smt I'll bet!
    Hah,thousands of times I died,cheeks are wet,think mothafucka ou yea I cried.Cold bit through my bones,some middle-aged perverts calling me a hoe.God damn grandpops,go and babysit ur grandkids,not starting a word fight with ME!! Just gimme something to write my songs,new lyrics are true and take ur time coz all are long,and I aint gonna talk dat relating shit coz if ya feel so then go ahead,main thing just don't diss everything I say or think,don't diss Eminem,Dido,2Pac and not even Pink.I like them but there are many fuckers more,but idol is one dat's ya Em,but u're behind closed doors.
    No c'mon ,lets go and rock this world,yo leave all dat crap just let dat go,don't look what they're telling,I'm here and to everyone I'm belling: this is da call from da future from da mohtafucking Melanholic,who has just gave a pressconcert and yea fans were like "believe I can relate"! So wud ya join me,shout it out,now loudly..I cannot hear ya,now scream it proudly coz here we go,and never looking back,
    we're da wacks,hahaa now dat's the illest rap!!
    Yo wazz up? And now lets go,next part will be more fast rap fine? Ready,now real quick rapped part...GO,go cross da line!
    > I cannot hear my thoughts,coz again I got caught,by da pain from ma' heart,but hah not enough to take me apart,coz holding on foreve',yea surviving coz I'm clever,never letting u bring me down,yeah lets zee-ya around,search da innerpeace,relax..man yeah,dat was already okei,uhh my God we're wacks! <
    Now da hurry part has ended,yo DID ya pendid?Not a chance to survive,coz I'm here now mothafucka die, DIE!!
    I aint made of stone,hah coz I'm iron,I'm nobody,I'm everything,I aint stupid revenge wanting kiddow,I'm sad crying widdow,I'm ur nigtmare dat won't leave,I'm playing games so unfear,I'm Melanholic - dat's so me.
    Now take a look at dat crap dat's going on,think what YOU have done wrong,hah c'mon fuck da system,just hear this song!!
    If ya want it so bad then why are u still nothing? Why aint u out in da MTV? U're a rappar or what? Man,tell it - u're just bluffing!
    Listen to music,read da words!Smash when ya havto',but with lyrics,coz yea shit they can really hurt.
    Playing with fire will end sad,actually my heart never had,
    something nice and true to show,'coz it all was destroyed before it started,sadness just marked it,and came back to take that belonged to him,hah...will I ever find m y Slim?
    I cannot feel the butterflies in my stomack. Can u?? Gosh,plz rewind it all back,then I know what I'm supposed to do!
    I wud walk across he's road,but I wudn't stop...being cold IS aloud,so don't diss my drop!!
    If u aren't dissapointed in "love", then- congratulations! Well I am and I just wanna scream when someone mentions,that I cud make some guy happy atleast...fuck that and fuck u,go tell ur story to the priest.
    I just don't got time for warm feelings...damn this,I'm gonna win this system!Watch me and listen!! I'm gonna prove to ya'll that this is possible,even if it's heavy and stressible' but I'm gonna impress the World,I aint planning to shock,but I wanna introduce my love: rap,hiphop and rock.
    They're the ones who haven't failed me,they are what I want them to be.My love,my joy,my friends,my heart - I borned to make music,and I aint gonna let to take us apart.
    So,is there some mothafucker who feels like me? Who sees things in the same light?
    Someone who is unstoppable and free? Someone who gives a dime about wrong and right!?!?!?!
    - Miss Independent -

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    Uh not bad, I think ya should organize it better with bars and shit, cuz it was hard readin what the flow was and shit, like hears an example:

    All day along just hear everybody talkin',
    I'm tired of listenin' ya,u saw me going without sight,just walkin',
    it can really bite ur soul if everything is botherin' and making mad,
    u lucky ones have ur choices but guess what,I didn't had!

    yea thats a little advice, not bad though, just organize it a little so its easier to read. Peace out not bad
    The Big 4
    http://youtu.be/NMMUh37BWEE The Truth
    http://youtu.be/PT_j38VUAuE Rondo
    http://youtu.be/yhTKSdWRC0I KG
    http://youtu.be/3VhwzKGkvjg Ray


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      Aiight thanx Fitz,I'll keep dat on my mind when I write da next songs =D
      - Miss Independent -


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