Is Dis what you want , Ladies wantin ta fucc/
Yo *****s smoking blunk, da DJ bumpin ya cut/
N yo azz ready to nut, but/
Dat ***** DraZtic be hatin, da Only reason you waitin/
Ya Nerves get the shaken, Da one you like, will be the one I be Takin/
N Dats not what you want, Its my encipher you haunt/
I got my vibe in ya aunts, While you going backwards/
On dis typin, DaX Just like a straight nerd/
On point, ya herd, Can Keep it going just off one word/
Spectators can see, dat I've gone berzark/
Go all out, Never lurk, Bare Chest, No shirt/
Dis Straight WEST, No York, N Fucc a Whistle/
My B****** moan while day Twark.......................... (stop writng)