The names hipno so watch me run, cuz I got skill like tony
Hawk, this the hip hop game, half ya fuckerd don’t know me
So I grab da mic, spit this verse, show ya what I got
Show ya my spits, show ya my drops are hot
Show ya I aint a joke, show ya I don’t choke
Not broke, an emcee, who aint here to poke
When i spit, you get sick, when I battle, moms grab a stick
Quick get da butter, these kids meltin like ice quick
I’m da ice pick, hot as hell, with a little bit of hate
Shows to you, known to you as a killer from da sunshine state

Rap king, laughin at the crap you bring, shitty ass rhymes
You lower class, like I’m fresh, you elementary at times
Your teacher givin you shit words, I’m getting tought by the devil
New shit, givin you shit and bringin hip hop to a new level
Realize I sheddin your blood, makin your rhymes look bad
Look dad, I kicked this kids ass, he looks mad
But can’t do shit, if ya wanna you can try
All ya get is a fist, make me pist, then you die
Lie on the ground, 6 feet, I better make it ten
This way you can’t reach up to grab the balls of men

Now I’m hot as hell, rhymes comin like I got a story to tell
Novel to novel, makin ya run like keenan and kell
You a sick little basterd, off ya stool like ya insain
In my path, mother fucker get out da way of the train
You crazy, you looking for a reason to die
You looking for a reason to be hit, we aint seein eye to eye
Cuz I cut my left, give you my right
Spit in ya face, just to look for a fight
But you still runnin, cuz I’m darker than night
At the same time, I spit, my skin is white
So why ya scared, is it cuz I can break you
You afraid to battle, cuz ya know I can take you
Mess up ya record, you still got no wins, ya can’t rhyme
No losses either cuz you back out every time,
Just remember my name, when I call a man out for da game
When I make a challenge, to put any mother fucker to shame