~Freestyle Universe~
[color=blue{Sha77er S7ar} In Blue...[/COLOR]
{Mc Hyrogliphyx} In Red...
{Warlokk} In Green...
{Flame Extension} In Orange...
{Ballistics aka Ballz} In Silver...

Unfuckwitable Who?
Lokk, Flame, S7ar, Hyro, and Ballz with the world on his testicles...
Unfuckwitable What?
HipHops Guardians, Holy Water Spittens from these blessed-Souls
Unfuckwitable Where?
FreeStyle Universe, the Collaborations Addresed-to-All
Unfuckwitable When?
A Sideways 8, we Stuck in ya Mentals like Serene High Decibles
Unfuckwitable How?
like Being Born without Genitals...
Unfuckwitable Why?
We on Stellar Levels, Steez Like These is Highly Un Accessable

Peep the Scene of this Storyline Sequence...A Collaboration Culminated to Decimate Boring Rhymes and Weak Text,...Fake *****s, and All, this is Only-a-Disclaimer..Particularly to Soley-Rip-Haters...Yalls is Barely Dope, the Tip of the Tongue like "Taste"-"Buds"...This "Statement" is To "Deduct" All as If Scripts is a "Pay-Stub!"...Wreckin Spines, Can't "Cum-Backs" like "Premature Ejaculated" Males at a "Gay-Club"...Hate?Love? Bleh, We So Ill We'd Shit on ya Domes and Fertilize ya Seeds-then...Provide "Herb"acide to Cease yalls Breathing...While ya Pleading for Jesus, as ya Beliefs is Fecies, Shit Torn into a Million Pieces...S7ar Handed ya Loss, Before the Initial-Beating...Inlitrate my Camp's Base?, Yalls Sustained a Loss, when ya Got "The-Feet-In" (Defeating)...Sent to the "Cleaners" cuz Existence is Gettin "De-Pleated-ed"...like the Atmosphere...When Our Raps-Flow-Fierce..ya Cats-Shows-Fear...Which Will Last-for-Years, Cuz you'll Be "Last-For-Years"...This Blast-Blows-Clear Enuff to Crack-yo-Ears...Blood from Flesh Wounds Soak ya Mask-an-Gear...Why I'm Continuin, Why Do You Ask-me-Queer..I'm "Fuckin Up" the "Already Dead" like Necrophiliacs and Morgue Molestors...This Corpse-Collector, Torn Hordes of Sectors, Leavin Skulls More-then-Tender, Cuttin Circulation with the Vocal Cords in Presssure...Oppositions Lives-be-Featherd, This Collabo Servin as a Guideline like Rhymes-is-to-Letters...The Blade is My Mind, Heart the Shield....My Body's Simply the Sword-Protector...

Competitors, Challengers, Everyone else, Bring with you allyur mics//
My names HYRO-G-L-I-P-H-Y-X, Who’s next to face the almighty likes//
Of the lyrikal underground god, Reigning supreme over galaxies//
Grimy street kats like yurself sayin Hyro's wack, speakin blasphemies//
Gimme back my five mics then if yur gonna speak so much bullshit//
Watch me pull back this loaded gats trigger, now who’s rulin shit//
I'm beyond a state of bein UnFuckWitAble, one thought of defacing me//
N within a matter of two to three seconds and I’ll be replacin thee//
Pussies like yurselves appreciate dicks just like me, thats why u hatin//
Most to nearly fifty million netcees swear to be just like me, now who’sfakin//
In the squared circle Hyrogliphyx is equipped to fight for all rights//
Reasons are most to nearly all ya fake rappers tend to take rapid bites//
Of verses, songs, and much much more, this is my purpose for battle//
Both mics n dykes, I ROCK 'EM,SOCK 'EM,COP 'EM,DROP 'EM, Now can u handle//
Severe beatings from one of tha sickest, sadistic emcees within the internet//
Known web wide, Also known internationally, To battle me isn't an interest//
It boils within yur blood to lose to someone so psychotic//
Within ten shots of tonic, Yur ass is knocked tha FUCK OUT, Still wantchronic//
I'm alcohol n marijuana wrapped into one being of deadly proportion//
I've assassinated up to many millions of people then doctors have performedabortions//
To end this sweetly n deadly, Hyrogliphyx has struck with aggression//
Whos the NEXT Universe veteran to rock the mic n set these emcees incorrection//

Wha? Wha? Freestyle Universe...
You know how we run this...yo yo yo...
Lyrically incorporated, LoKK will punch once and leave six-abrasions on ya
upper lips-tastin the hard formation~
The operation is plain and simple, take other EZBOARDs and manifest
isolation through metaphor-equations~
Another collaboration totally off tha wall, like jai-alai, get scriptures
caught in vortex recalls, with no alliby~
Only label you signed up with is M.C.I. cuz ya flows is long-distance, y'all
just exhibitions like air to muscle force with no strong-resistance~
Song-omitted because you thought that Freestyle Universe would easily
insult-it, oral Sultan, step to our punchlines and feel twice the impulses~
Results-in...seems like when the pen hit the paper we broke the emulsions,
compulsions, skill we redefine cuz illness is our propulsion~
Consult-this to make sure your wack representations are valid, you might as
well be wondering your board nomadic~
Tragic, when we said you could spit we didn't imply to practice, we drop
y'all like bad habits without interludes, preludes, or ballads, so
Let the names ring in your ear cuz you'll hear-from-us, we like nasal fluids
to ya sinuses, we extractin wack cats and "clearin-up"~
Oh like the skills haven't smacked-you-yet? *bitch smack from background*
There, NOW tell me we haven't "Past-Through-Text"~
Fact-is...we the Rap Activist, leavin small emcees mic-less, recitin' to
Freestyle Universe "Forgive me, highness"~
Animosity is our assignment, we here to start-beef, if you think you "tight"
remove the Abercrombie, THEN stop-me~
I depart-frees through methods to break teeth off like dentists, then I
end-this with a smack to ya jawbone, PERIOD on my sentence~
Relentless, Freestyle Universe is Hip Hop's apprentice, visual senses allows
the audience to "see our attacks" before we expend-this~
We control the text message boards and the microphone, distorty ya adams
apple so when you speak it resembles a dialtone, and breaks like
Now where's that higher-form?

Serious site slayers.. Slammin more *****z than pro-wrestlers pumped up on steroids~
With amped up toys.. While others got boom-box speakerz.. Planned out ploys.. Ain’t fuckin wit dem other boyz~
F.U. stands for FUCK.U.. To the other bitch ass wanna-be us boards~
Lyrically stomp em out to be smores.. Detour these flows into their brains.. They getaddicted and they order more~
Flamewill wild out more than the new member of The LOX being Sticky Fingaz~
Icould leave evidence at crime scenes.. But couldn’t be pointed out like theblind in arm slingz ha~
Achronic offender of mic ripping.. A chronic offender of these mic flows~
Achronic offender of chronically tearing lungs out of other weak board ho’s~
Bitchesdon’t know.. How FU depletes all and any corny but contending sites~
Theselyrics will start fights.. No more collabs will come close so you all complainfor ya’ll freedom of speech rights~
Mag-nificentmic skills.. And text possibilities.. I tend to ferociously bust these stee’z~
Usnot droppin this collab.. Is as ridiculous as seeing Polar Bears in the FloridaKeys~
Thefoundation of hip-hop.. Freestyle Universe will always come out on top~
Whileun-fortunate fuckerz.. Find out they MUST freely damn drop~
Othersites are just boards.. While F.U. is a canvas for the art of these 5 emcees~
Themic and key-boardz are the paintbrushes while we make this beauty only toplease~
Theteachings of terribly tearing apart titans.. Truly staying real to spill~
Lyrics..Like drinks after nerds tripping and dropping drinks at McDonalds.. Only tostay treal~
Isto bring words to domes and homes.. To make the small mindz think~
Don’tclose ya pupil’s cuz we will strike at the blink~
Ofan eye.. Cuz we UNFUCKWITABLE

UnFuckWitAble lordz~be~my~spectre, sovereign mindz bleeding intellect poured~nector {drink of the godz so respect~her} immortal cornia eye perfects~what~were, society of prismz surreal correct~ya~sector, contort angelz {angles} leaving ya subject~to~neck~in~blur//...

Universe dynasty, ballz already holds the world on his testicles {so stop riding~me} ballisticz re~sculpts mastery, unfoldz terrain on universe soil to unearth savior emceez, soldierz~are~we/ pride to smart~to~see, walking the globe like nudists are~thee, relaxed against you blow~job artistz {damn...pattern continues nastily} fuck likin~me, fuck thinking i give you time~to~breathe, fuck being a netcee, sell your ink n buy our compilation cd//...