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A Living Hell

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  • A Living Hell

    Chorus (slower):
    hated and betrayed
    Cornered and ridiculed
    Into this despair
    I can’t take this living nightmare
    I’m breathing in this misery
    Can nobody tell I’m Living in hell

    Verse 1(faster beat starts)

    Growing up I’ve seen how fucking mean just how some people can be
    Cause see as an emcee, it’s these ones who take me, judge me, and misunderstand me
    Into corners so I go to hell and back, it was great
    Cause it ain’t surrounded by racist, criminals, bitches and hate
    It’s a fucking disaster up on this fucking earth
    When little kids are scared out of their wits right after birth
    Is it that hard to believe that there are kids like me who slit their wrist
    Cause they hate their existence and the fucking fact that they exist
    In a world with Presidents speaking, saying buy a more powerful weapon
    So the states can scare the shit out anybody with a opinion
    Or we can all hide the truth and pretend that it's cool
    When some kid dies from suicide cause of bullies at school
    and let me tell you, I’ve put a knife up against my own chest
    and held it there, with the blade reflecting, sending a final test
    to see if you really got it up to here, or if your just overreacting
    I look up to nothing, wondering if theirs any reasoning
    With ones who just refuse to even notice
    that you got some talent, glare back like your worthless
    with no hand out just a fist, looking at you like you gota be joking
    and you wish you could just strangle them and make them start choking
    They are just pushing me, kicking and punching me down
    for no reason just trying to prove that they can make me step-down
    So here's proof from Proven that I won't die until thrown in my coffin
    And today I felt like ending here, right there, as I’m haunted by one horrid sin
    I swear I was fighting wars with some of you, like a soldier I was in the line of fire
    I was killed and shot down multiple times by my own allies but I still am a spitfire

    [Chorus 2x]

    I thought I had all in me to make it over the agony
    But it looks like I’ll never sleep peacefully
    Until I’m pronounced dead and buried six feet under
    From being under the circumstances I’m under I’d never
    Think twice bout letting the anger that resides in me take over
    But under this mic, My distress releases it’s self from it’s cage within to occur
    Cause when that happens it’s not me, it’s a different personality
    But I agreed to no peace between us even if it’s endless misery
    When the verses you try so hard to write is your last dieing strife
    What I spit is so different when you take it personally into your life
    These real life nightmares I’ve spit is what creates the hate for the limits
    I ain’t cowering anymore from your fucking counter attacks or tactics
    I would never think about attempting to be something I’m not
    So why the fuck do you all be deceiving your faces and got
    Such reasons to push me so I do not have the patience
    For these mutha fuckers who do not know the difference
    Between what I really mean and what’s interpreted by my silence
    That I be so up against your existence with zero tolerance
    There ain’t no tolerance here for no fear to give you any justice
    Half of you hardly raise your heads to even see to fucking notice I exist
    Just let it be known that I’m a half living fighter and I can only get colder
    More heartless, less forgiveness, and less of a shoulder

    [Chorus 2x]

    I’ve got so much shit trashing and building on my chest it’s pointless to sleep
    Friends that I know are lying, not understanding, they won’t keep
    When you know there’s ones talking behind your back at that very instant
    Is there room in the future for me or is it just to distant
    People walk on me like I’m just the mud, worthless, just lousy dirt
    These headaches people give me are like a curse that always hurt
    I just wanna take all those ones lives who ridiculed and spit on it
    And give them back what made my life pointless shit
    And flip upside down some of the lives these people live
    And make them experience life from my perspective
    It’s building up on my shoulders, I swear no more I can take
    I feel like I'm in a jail cell and desperate for escape
    If you don’t want to accept me, at least give me some fucking respect
    I'm not perfect, but shit, what do you all seriously expect
    I’m not tupac, shady or fifty, I’m myself, don’t make no comparisons
    It’s not capable to fit those terms when no one even takes consideration and listens
    My patience is way too thin anymore to fall on my knees and say I quit
    So I’m white it’s always a fucking problem with everybody to spit
    Cause see that’s simply just fucking it, they want me to forfeit
    They want me give up, bite in, and eat their shit

    [Chorus 2x]

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