Abort the morality and rap ill with a foulness//
I change styles like the different colors in the aurora borealis//
My words cause convulsions concussions and seizures//
Spit fire like water hose filled with acidic ether//
Fuck it I use napalm both or neither//
I spill blood out of bodys by pounds and liters//
Pound the shit out of whack rappers till it comes out as metric grams and meters//
I dissolve scythes with acid vipers in the form of ciphers//
Its words not factual but if actual none can match at all//
I eat words as if the alphabet were cannibals //
Forget all you hypocrites I’m the mother fucking Apocalypse //
They’re mixed so you cant decipher or even decrypt //
In rap, are you new man, you spit poorly as if poverty were a human//
Im a rap apostle I rap in derision for division as I jostle and leave emcees in hospitals//
Im abominable like a snowman, you seem to not no man //
You see men but I see no brethren so hence then I come with no affection//
Call me an asshole who sucks life from lights like black holes//
I distort time like broken watches //
I come at you claiming your life while you go into a million negative losses//
Convex tectonic plates to implode and reload my words after the destruction //
I make my opponents explode like spontaneous human combustion//
Your nothing compared to me so apparently//
You don’t rap you’re a parody//
Its like there are two pairs of me which is four//
Four times that amount would be the average lines spit//
Its sixteen more, but six times four plus sixty more//
It would be about five years prior to before I was born//
Maybe It is or maybe I lack intelligence//
I settle events by seeing who has the most negligence//
But then again I take full pride in my words//
Why even deter or refer to my old shit//
No one will buy it let alone download it for free//
Im down to Earth, fuck you, I’m as down as can be//
Down below hell, down below earths slant at 23 degrees//
That’s It I’m finished and done in a breeze//
But I still keep falling down infinitely//
Until the universe ends and I’m down on my knees//

pleez peace and thanx