May I have your attention please, will all the rich people please stand up!
yo actin like you never seen a rich person before/
cds all over the floor/ not music windows 2000 for sure/
bill gates got enough money urgin for more/
gotta split the company, is it time too sell my funiture?/
its the return of another US president/
ahh wait the last one didn't say what i think he did did he?/
and biggie smalls said...........
nothin you idiots that wealthy shits dead/
or is he, still alive with pac locked in my basement!/ haah
elton jon loves fuckin men/ jigaga dont worry lady/
he hangs in gents/ look at him/ pussyin around livin off millions/
but his got so many cars though./
spice girls have probably got a couple of rubbers up in there bedrooms loose/ but no worse then

fuck that turn that shit off!

so wat do you say to someone thats gay/
or anyone earnin millions a day/
wanna help someone make in a quicker way/
then go by a tape called 2001 by dr dre/
one day i was fuckin my best friends mum wid a condom on/
when i caught a guy/ knockin a the gave me a fright/
should have strangled him up/ wid the used rubber cup/
i dont give a fuck if its bullets i shot/
im harder my dick when im fuckin a bitch at 1 o'clock/
when im drunk as fuck and its after dark/
on your humungose mum/ in a king size bed, calls herself a tart!/
hopin off wid a broken back/ cant breathe i chocke and cough/
fuck you too bitch take my cock/
im a rape your sisters tonite in the park/
and when the bitches walk past me/
and im about too jump out/
wid a roll full of tape, and a box full of plastics/
still couldnt get ther tits out/

cut that shit off again!

wat te fuck im just freestylin!!!! haha