I love how you dudes
See me do what I do
And think that you
Can do the same shit to
I hate to give you the news
But just because it is what it is
Let me give you a clue
Just cuz you see me spitten ill shit
Don't mean that you can do this shit too
U see God gives me the gift then I give it to you
N if it gets dissed n ridiculed by you people
Then I know that I ran outta gas n the shits gets refueled
See I don't need to see you to read you
You see mceez like me spit n spew it
Then you wanna get into it and try and do it like we do it
But we see through it
Recognize you not makin music
Just noises wit wack rymes and a nice beat to it
It might even be foolish for us to respond to it
Cuz you spitten alone is guarantee enough that you gonna bomb doin it
Whether you write in printed letters or write it in curse of
Your words have no inertia theres just not movement
So save us the abusiveness
N Just stop doin it