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  • When Did You Start?

    Another topic.............

    When exactly did you start writing? Why? Did it help you in any way or do you just do it because it's now just a hobby you like??

    My first poem, I probably did around 2002 in class. I wrote "My Gun, My Voice" for no specific reason, other then boredom. I ended up keeping it.

    Then, later that year, I wrote a poem for a girl I liked, that she's kept till this day. Again, I did that out of complete boredom.

    Then, the next summer I began dating someone, who I've been on and off with, but dating to this day. I'd written her a poem to let her know later on my feelings had evolved, and from that point on, I kept writing to her. Till finally, I began being interested in it to the point I'd write on other things in my life, and that later grew into writing on topics that don't involve me at all.

    It all just went on from there, and here I am now...

    So, how about you? 2;-{}2
    Now let the night be dark for all of me.
    Let the night be too dark for me to see
    Into the future. Let what will be, be.'

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    ^ thnks for sharing, that was intersting...looks like u had that relationship for a reason.

    here's the first poem i ever wrote back in may'92 making me 13yrs old, it was a diary entry.

    Why live?
    When u can die.
    Why smile?
    When u can cry.

    Does life get that bad?

    Why do u hide?
    When u can run?
    This is reality.
    You can't get much farther
    from where you are.
    Go on run,
    run faster.
    Hide even deeper.

    Why are u escaping?
    Why do u try?
    This is reality.
    So don't hide from your fears
    like a ghost.

    They live under your skin.
    You can't survive
    So why try?
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      oh shit SORRY that wasnt my first poem at all! my first was a crush poem back in '91...no i'm not spamming this section with my kiddy poems aight! SORRY

      When u walk past me,
      when u look at me
      my heart pounds.
      when u say
      what u think of me
      my heart is filled with joy.
      when u say, yes,
      my heart is about to explode!
      but if the yes
      will mean nothing
      my heart will ache
      with the emptiness
      of the yes, but now
      a no!


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        I wrote my first poem back in 2001.
        Was just sitting around thinking about dreams and wrote something on the topic of it.
        That was the first poem I ever wrote, the next time I didn't write for a year because I didn't really have the motivation to write anything.

        Got into a relationship and everything started messing with my emotions so I ended up writing even more.

        It takes something to really get to me for me to write about it.
        But there you go, I basically started in 2001
        ... it's no surprise, that I got lost in your brown eyes ...


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          I realy started writin poetry when i came to this board, i poted my realy first piece actually on here it was called miles to see your smiles:
          I love you so much my eyes are always open
          Just to catch a glimpse of you i'm hopin
          Your smiles go on for miles
          Your love must be from above
          I love you so much i can never close my eyes
          Because this world is just full of lies
          The love i think we have for one and other
          Makes me so i can never cover
          If i love you so much why cant i just tell
          And if i dont before i die i know i'm on my way to hell
          I love you so much my heart is always beating
          Thats the reason why i cant wait for us to start meating
          I love your from heaven to hell
          I love you so much id take the blame for something you did and rot in a cell
          The reason i'm still here is you
          I love you so much but i cant show it through
          I love you so much my eyes are always open
          Just one day i'll tell you i'm hoping
          I love you so much my heart will never stop beating
          This is for the one i love YOU when will we start meeting

          *I changed the name to YOU on the last line.

          Now i've read it again i dont realy like it i think my new stuff is better
          OH HAI!


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            I started to write poetry in 3rd grade
            I got an award for my writing I won 3rd place in a writing contest up against jr high and other kids my age
            ever since then I just let the ink pour before I was a freestyler now I'm a writer and a poet
            seems like you mature the more styles you experament with
            poetry and verse are my release alot of what I write is never seen or placed on view I keep a poetry diary and a blog so yes I write to vent
            it has become a hobby in a way I find my self writing on cocktail napkins and what ever ink will adhear to
            I'm 23 now so I been wrighting for about 15 years
            Cha Cha ChaZie


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              I started liek a month ago...but my sis is a highly respected "underground" poet in Holland, my teach said I had amazing talent just liek my sis :D So I started writing a bit more. Also I wrote lyrics for a little longer (maybe 1 and a half year now) so that probably helped me out. I posted my first real poem on here like a week ago...


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                I started writing when I was real young.
                I always was and still were writing down my thoughs and letters to someone (which of course I didnt sent)

                I wrote my first poem when I was like 10 or something,
                I still have them all, in a big album.

                It's all in dutch so it don't really make sence if i post it here, and second, I dont know where the album is

                Now i'm translating alot of my dutch poems, which is diffecult, cause you get real other sentences,
                and sometime I can't or know the word that Im looking for.

                But its getting better every day.

                Now i'm busy with writing a book, I allready have 5 chapters done, but again in dutch

                Nice topic
                ...ALLES IS KUNST...

                Today there will be no remorse at all,
                Come what may.....!


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                  When i was around 13 i started writing poetry. at first it was in hebrew only. around the age 15 i started writing in english and since then it's english only. i sometimes write songs in hebrew for friends. I don't have style in my writing .. i just starting with words and the poem is getting is own style that why most of my poems look messy and with no order.


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                    I started writing very young. My old first grade teacher was involved in all sorts of things and started a writing club when I was in fourth grade, she had kept me in mind and asked me to be in it. She didnt want it big only 10 of us.
                    Once a week at lunch we would meet and share our poems or give topics. she would how us other literature.
                    At the end of the school year she formed a book of them and made copies for the whole school
                    lol, it was poems about christmas memories, losing races,
                    broken toys.seeing fairies lots of imagination. I was in until I went to Jr high
                    where I wrote My first crush poem was in seventh grade I was 12-13

                    Even though I'm young; I can feel this way
                    thinking about you; night and day
                    Ive never felt this way before
                    but right now I want more
                    More than being friends and talking on the phone
                    I wanna be alone and take the long way home
                    I don't know what you think of me
                    But being with you is my only dream
                    So now what's the deal
                    Do you love for me too Or am I just Silly for you

                    This was for school in jr high it was written in a shape of a tear. But i couldnt type it.

                    AS a tear Rolls Down
                    My EYES. THE
                    Pain and SorroW
                    fills My mind
                    All that matters
                    your gone my heart
                    is longing for your love
                    As a tear rolls
                    down From my eyes


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                      I don't remember when I started writing songs. I do know that I wrote songs before I knew how to write, so I had to memorize them. They were real simple. Here's one: (I only remember a few)

                      Mommy, please take me to Disneyland.
                      We'll all have fun. and I'll go one all the rides I can
                      We can even take Daddy 'cause he's a man
                      In a power wheel like boom boom ban

                      As for writing down poetry, I started in first grade, because I was far ahead of the other students in my class, and I had a lot of free time. I like to write stories also, my first one was a scary story about a bird pecking it's owners eyes out in 2nd grade.
                      no dough ho, you can't fuck with me!


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                        I think I started writing poems when I was either 14 or 15 and they have always been in English. At 1st I was just writing sentences one after another without really thinking about the flow. Sometimes I still do that, but it will take me like three days to perfect it into a readible and understandable poem. But then again, it also helps to come up with different writing styles to keep a certain variation. Usually I have a subject in my head which conducts into some random words and sentences I would like to use and when I get the time I sit down and start from scratch. Sometimes they come from having conversations to seeing something happen around me to watching movies. After for example watching a movie I have a certain idea about the main issue, but it usually ends up writing something totally different but still with the same thought behind it. So they always are kind of original. It also happens to start with a word I learned or which just hit me from out of nowhere, which makes me sometimes think and wonder I was English in another life or whatever.

                        To get a rather small vision of the poems I wrote, visit www.jbkonline.com and go to the poetry section. They are just samples of what has yet to come in the future, since I'm hoping and working on getting them published.
                        *** J B K o n l i n e D O T com ***


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                          I wrote my first poem (not as an assignment for school but for my self) 4 years ago, when I was 10. I guess I just wanted to take out the emptiness I felt at that young age. And ever since then I write poetry frequently

                          here is my first poem:

                          River of Death

                          A river of emotions runs through my veins
                          Expressing more than love, sorrow and pain

                          Loneliness consumes me as I lay quietly in bed
                          Waiting to be taken by the stream of vivid red

                          Death is what they call it....
                          Death is what they say.....

                          Will take me to a world, were angels wings are spread
                          Or were fire burns and dreams are shred
                          HI, MY NAME IS...

                          My Xanga
                          My Poems


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                            freshmen year i started writing, what was my first poem?..dont remember

                            this year(junior year) for some reason after i "got my heartbroken" its like i forgot how to write
                            not like it really matters anyway

                            i guess if i were to write anything today it would be about bulimia and cutting
                            but that would get redundant
                            no one really cares about that stuff

                            thats why i keep my cool journal so i can write the same shit over and over but of course it isnt poetry though.. :|


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                              i started like 3 yrs ago but since i lost my 1st ones i stopped n then started agian like last yr
                              till i


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