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"THE SAGA" (Part 1)

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  • "THE SAGA" (Part 1)

    “THE SAGA” by Brother Rapp

    (Part 1)

    [Sittin’ on the roof and gettin’ my hi]
    [Starin’ at the stars n the midnight sky]

    [Knowin’ all the while I’m a big time user]
    [Pigs came by my place n their bacon cruiser]

    [I finished off the joint and swallowed the roach]
    [I slide down the fire escape with their approach]

    [U “wu – tang” shirt wearin’ motherfuckers]
    [Can snitch all u want 2 them cocksuckers]

    [Fuck jail and bail, I ain’t hearin’ no “HALT”]
    [Get out of my way, I ain’t bein’ caught]

    [I ain’t 4 none of that commissary]
    [Wearin’ county blues and life contrary]

    [Through byways and roadways, I made my track]
    [No highways, parkways, I didn’t look back]

    [Up road these gals I’ll call Pinkie and The Brain]
    [Cause one gave up head, the other was insane]

    [Stopped their ride, rolled down the win-doe]
    [“Get on n, we’re off 2 Frisco.”]

    [Off the bat I read Pinkie her “Rights”]
    [Pussy was loose, but that ass was tight]

    [N the back, I’m crackin’ a white owl]
    [My dick still hard and went on the prowl]

    [Pinkie took the wheel, then Brain came next]
    [Bitch got n back, gave me oral sex]

    [She worked and jerked, with slob and slurp]
    [Even swallowed and had the nerve 2 burp]

    [All choked up, but still askin’ 4 more]
    [”Pay me bitch, I’ll give u an encore.”]

    [They tagged teamed me from dawn till dust]
    [Wallet grew fat each time I’d bust]

    [From the east coast 2 the Mississippi River]
    [I took them bitches on one after the other]

    [Past the river, they tried sweet talkin’ me]
    [“U’r wastin’ yo time, if u think it’s free.”]

    [“U got all our money, come on be nice.”]
    [“Don’t look at me funny, u know my price.”]

    [They said,“But Rapp, we love and really need u”]
    [I said, “Find a truck stop and u do what u do”.]

    [Boy lost, man found, that’s what I’d became]
    [Hard, growin’ up n the pimp game]

    [My dad past on, but he knew who he be]
    [‘My Dog’ lost his life lookin’ out 4 me]

    [My mom turned 2 God, but loved me the best]
    [We rode past the arch and headed out west]

    [From city 2 city and most points n between]
    [We drank gin, smoked weed and ate the finest cuisine]

    [Hung paper, played plastic, split dollars and more]
    [When all else failed, Pinkie and The Brain would whore]

    [The hoes got hip and left me out n the cold]
    [Money rolled n from dice and “DIPPERS” I sold]

    [I’m sellin’ less and less then I used]
    [This is how THE SAGA CONTINUED]

    [Noddin’ n my bed off that PCP]
    [Trippin’ pretty tough, a dream came 2 me]

    [I was crawlin’ through miles and miles of mud]
    [Needin’ a snort r 2 smoke me some bud.]

    [The mud sucked me n, spit me out n a town]
    [It was full of people and crazy ass sounds]

    [Trippin’ real bad and I needed 2 thank]
    [Maybe just a bit of rest, food and drank]

    [Buildin’ grew up right out of the sidewalk]
    [Just like it was with Jack and the beanstalk]

    [Real r not, my head said, “Go on n”]
    [Couldn’t wake up, be back where I’d been]

    [Street pizza on the floor, lively redneck bunch]
    [Real r not it appeared I’d played a bad hunch]

    [I talked 2 a bartender who had summer teeth]
    [He was fat and greasy with bunions on his feet]

    [I said, “Bartender give me some drinks”]
    [Over the bar comes something that stinks]

    [I said, “ Bartender give me some eats”]
    [He gave me these burnt pieces of meats]

    [I said, ”Bartender where can I sleep?”]
    [“Out n back. Don’t be fuckin’ my sheep”.]

    [Real r not, the guy pissed me off]
    [Fuckin’ hick that ate from a trough]

    [That’s when I shot wiseass n the head]
    [Drank some gin, while his body went dead]

    [I turned my gat and told all that knew]
    [Out the backdoor and I won’t shoot you]

    [A lustworthy hoe stood up, gave me a smile]
    [She said, ”Looked like u ain’t had none n a while”.]

    [“U must think u plenty rough.”]
    [“Come upstairs, we’ll see whose tough.”]

    [I rammed her pussy almost out of her throat]
    [Spit up enough spit 2 make a small boat float]

    [Dick made a “U” turn, tried 2 come out of her ass]
    [ Jampacted on lockdown, she said “Not so fuckin’ fast”.]

    [“Downstairs bitch u was jackin’ yo jaw.”]
    [“I’m the one that makes the fuckin’ law.”]

    [We fucked all night, into the next day]
    [The buildin’ shook and the floor gave way]

    [Bricks and boards got carried off n a cart]
    [Workers worked till their assholes cracked a fart]

    [When the cops arrived and saw what they saw]
    [I got cuffed and thrown n a court of law]

    [Cuffed and shackled 4 my crime spree]
    [Not a chance they’d let me go free]

    [I said, “judge, judge what the crime would be?”]
    /[“Rape and murder n the first degree.”]

    [I said," Judge, hold on. What the time would be?”]
    [He said, “Twice yo life. Ain’t no need 2 plea”.]

    [One bitch yelled, "Give him some of that gas.”]
    [Next one said, “Send that juice through his ass.”]

    [Up popped another and started 2 shout]
    [I said, “Bitch u don’t know what it’s about.”]

    [I broke through my cuffs, I could not retreat]
    [I kicked off my shackles, jumped 2 my feet.]

    [I threw 4 2 the chest of the judge]
    [5 on the sheriff 4 he could budge.]

    [I jacked his jaw up 2 the ceilin’]
    [Tremor was felt all through the buildin’]

    [Before that sucker could hit the floor]
    [Judge was runnin’ 4 the fuckin’ door]

    [I fought off the guards and jumped the wall]
    [With just the concrete 2 break my fall]

    [I woke up on my floor staring at my ceilin’]
    [My body felt funny, I had that wet feelin’]

    [I made it 2 the head shit, showered and shaved]
    [That brought a halt 2 the P.C.P. I’d craved]

    [I packed my shit and bought a used Lexus]
    [Headed south, I went 2 Austin, Texas]

    [Chaired-up and thinkin’ how I had been]
    [Overhung from pills, while pushin’ tin]

    [It was n the days ’fore the color change]
    [Net porn came up and the microwave range]

    [Paper was upgraded from bleached slats]
    [Hocus pocus and these became that’s]

    [The ink and bleached paper was gravy]
    [Plates top drawer, shit primed and ready]

    y own A. T. M. machine]
    [Was lean, mean and spittin’ green]

    [The night was clear, the moon was yel-low]
    [We’re paintin’ that paper like van gogh]

    [Dried then washed which made it golden]
    [Dried then spied, ready 4 foldin’]

    [Took care of my crew from my fronts]
    [Broke out white owls, rolled up some blunts]

    [Marco and Gina were quite a set]
    [They’d known me long and were n my debt]

    [Marco the worker and she the queen bee]
    [When offered a way, they jumped 2 be free]

    [Barry was the local dumpster diver]
    [Janky and hooked but a good survivor]

    [No one wanted to look at him twice]
    [The perfect look out 4 the right price]

    [Freddy “D” was a real gangsta]
    [Round and bald like Uncle Fessta]

    [He had one job and he did it well]
    [Kept an eye on and guarded Michelle]

    [Michelle was the best master engraver]
    [Blackmailed for help, didn’t want to save her]

    [If there was a weak link n my plot]
    [Her’ the body I might have 2 drop]

    [With her so scared, I calmed her with pills]
    [Barry was fightin’ withdrawal chills]

    [Gina and Marco smoked their crack]
    [Freddy “D” drank whiskey, beer back]

    [Packed that paper n the doors of my ride]
    [Geared up 4 that ‘No Zone’ called the East Side]

    [Set fire 2 the place when we were done]
    [It was game, set, match, n the long run]

    [Now Gina and Marco no welfare case]
    [Michelle got a break, Barry took her place]

    [Freddy “D” would meet me down n Houston]
    [After I took care of that fence action]

    [Dicks were parked and copulating]
    [Cruised on by, that was not a thing]

    [Locked and loaded, I passed on by them]
    [Tray full of roaches, seeds and some stems]

    [Shit fell into place 4 my black ass]
    [Their radio rang out, got that screen pass]

    [Proceed 2 the corner of Harmon and Airport]
    [The cops took heed and ended their jaw jackin’ sport]

    [It was more then better I got no face-time]
    [Bein’ guilty as shit and good 4 the crime]

    [They hauled ass off lookin’ 4 some clues]
    [Off their scope, THE SAGA CONTINUES]

    [Zero-two-early, lookin’ 4 a greasy spoon]
    [A White Castle r even a sawdust saloon]

    [Snackage, loose fries n the car seat]
    [Nuked, burnt r some red and raw meat]

    [From the bottom of my stomach came a growl]
    [I shot off an air biscuit, the car got foul]

    [I cracked the window and changed my mind]
    [Was my ass that needed, 2 unwind]

    [Needed 2 unload both the car and my ass]
    [Duck n an alley, toss the gat n the trash]

    [Riverside and Burton, it wanted 2 ooze]
    [Riverside and Grove, my luck almost abused]

    [I met my fence and he let me inside]
    [I made it 2 the head and hit that bull’s eye]

    [I traded the car and all it held]
    [The gat, the paper and that foul smell]

    [By early-o’clock I was on the Greyhound]
    [Getting’ out of town, hopin’ not 2 be found]

    [By the crack of noon I caught Freddy “D”]
    [I gave him his cut , continued 2 flee]

    [Landed n lower North America]
    [The Holliday Inn n Costa Rica]

    [Dick all hard and feelin’ real good]
    [I grabbed a cab and scoped the ‘hood]

    [Prospects sat n every bar]
    [I ain’t stupid, I know who they are]

    [Chest all heavy, I needed a hookup]
    [My money was fat and I gave some up]

    [Jammed a code red mare, sweet and so fine]
    [She was fourth or fifth, on down the line]

    [Wild hoe lived her life from day 2 day]
    [And worked her body n a fast way]

    [“Show me all the life u live.”]
    [“Is that all u got 2 give?”]

    [“Slow down baby, stop tryin’ 2 buck.”]
    This ride ain’t shit, I’ll get it unstuck.”]

    [“Down yo back and all into yo crack.”]
    [“Ready yo-self 4 this ass attack.”]

    [“Give it up sweetheart I want my props.”]
    [”Pull apart them motherfuckin’ chops.”]

    [“Scream and holler, say a prayer if u can.”]
    [“U knew the fuckin’ deal when we first began.”]

    [“Grease r not, I’m going all n.”]
    [I want 2 go were no man’s been.”]

    [Bitch cried and sang me the blues]

    [I packed it with that Vase-line]
    [I drilled her deep, she gave a scream]

    [One wet finger, played with that pearl]
    [Stroked it smooth, then gave it a whirl]

    [Workin’ her with, my once famous style]
    [Her pleasure peaked, heard that “female crowl”]

    [Outsert with the rubber and she licked me clean]
    [She’s now a house broke, domesticated queen]

    [“Pussy, ass, yo mind and yo soul.”]
    [“Demonstrate that dome control.”]

    [“Look n my third eye and part yo jaw.”]
    [“Let’s see u deal with Newton’s third law.”]

    [“Wet yo lips and work that tongue.”]
    [“Stretched out, hard. U know I’m hung.”]

    [“N yo mouth hoe and don’t u dare chew.”]
    /[She still did what I told her 2 do]

    [She slide on down, pillow under her head]
    [Started her suckin’ and did what I said]

    [She drained that life all the way out of me]
    [Took it n her mouth like it was ice tea]
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    "THE SAGA (Part 2)

    [From Honduras, Guatemala 2 Monter-rey]
    [I screwed all the way back 2 the U.S. of A]

    [From Laredo, El Paso and on 2 Tuc-son]
    [Then up I-89 towards, the Grand Can-yon]

    [Midnight-thirty, pulled off the road]
    [Strength all drained, my body had slowed]

    [I was all the way dirty n many ways]
    [I needed some rest, a shower and a shave]

    [Me not thinkin’ about what I could loose]
    [4 a quick hot second, I’d take a snooze]

    [Fell right into a fuckin’ Catch-23]
    [Openin’ my eyes, they had the ups on me]

    [Gat n my face and the exits blocked]
    [Dumbass me had left the doors unlocked]

    [They dragged me out, made me take a knee]
    [This cain’t be 4 real, my mind told me]

    [Which way it went, I had me 2 blame]
    [Bang, bang ..here comes the end of the game]

    [One 2 the chest, the first of the hurt]
    [By body rocked back, then hit the dirt]

    [My blood flowed out, life circled the drain]
    [Whole ‘nother feelin’ inside my brain]

    [I caught another, this time n my jaw]
    [The darkness then came, that was all I saw]

    [My body felt lighter, my bladder gave way]
    [A light off n the distance, that old cliché]

    [I saw a man standin’ tall and strong]
    [”U done little right, and a lot wrong.”]

    [“Havin’ said all that, it’s not yo time.”]
    [“A plea was made 2 give u moe time.”]

    [“I am the one who tipped the measurin’ cup.”]
    [“Made a deal with the devil 2 give u up.”]

    [“Goin’ upstairs was way out of place.”]
    [“U got yo life back, go join that race.’]

    [I asked him 2 please take off his shades]
    [Wanted 2 see who had made the trades.]

    [Instead I felt those hurtin’ pains again]
    [A whole ‘nother feelin’ inside my brain]

    [Death n and now out, one of those through and throughs]
    [Body felt heavy, THE SAGA CONTINUES]

    [I woke up n Phoenix, all wired 2 a ma-chine]
    [Hopin’ it had all been, one hell of a dream]

    [My jaw was sewed shut, tubes n my fuckin’ veins]
    [Least they was not dealin’, with my last remains]

    [The local dick came through, with a lame quiz]
    [Tryin’ 2 find out this, that and what is]

    [Spittin’ my words through wire, was a strain]
    [My chest was poundin’, my jaw n pain]

    [I had took shit before, that had got me high]
    [Forged script, ate mushrooms, under the desert sky]

    [Sniffed glue, smoked weed and some of that crack]
    [Been on trips, were few have made it back]

    [The drugs they gave me, were not up 2 snuff]
    [Fuck all this shit, I needed the real stuff]

    [“Can u give me yo name?” he wants 2 know]
    [“Carlos Carson sir. Now where is my doe?”]

    [“We found no wallet, just some tire tracks.”]
    [‘Barnie Miller’, was lackin’ n facts]

    [“Where were u going, out there on the road?”]
    [I played him stupid, kept 2 the street code]

    [“Officer I’ve been, travelin’ around.”]
    [“Just visitin’ land marks, from town 2 town.”]

    [“What kind of car did u have?” asked the dumb cop]
    [“’88 blue Beemer with a sun roof top.”]

    [“We found u shot and damned near dead.”]
    [Gettin’ hotter, I was seein’ red]

    [“Why would someone, do this 2 me?”]
    [I’m peepin’ his brains, 4 a key.]

    [“We’ve had reports of gangs hijackin’ cars.”]
    [Them piss ass bitches will learn who I are]

    [“If u can I.D. them, I have some photos.”]
    [I saw some faces, from the local ghettos]

    [One stood out. I remembered that shit ass grin]
    [Took off his mask, ‘fore the last bullet went n]

    [Came 2 town, they played me 4 a trick]
    [They can throw down r come suck my dick]

    [They are like kids, playin’ with sharp knives]
    [My heat is etched, n most street ar-chives]

    [I’ll find them fuckers, put ‘em n a hurt]
    [Plant them suckers, twelve feet under the dirt]

    [“Cain’t help u sir. Nobody I’ve seen.”]
    [Played that cop, like a pin ball ma-chine]

    [The quiz all over, had got what I want]
    [These bitches was livin’, on time that’s loant]

    [Clown ass *****, should have emptied the clip]
    [He walked away, lettin’ my blood drip drip]

    [I knew plenty game and I was not dead]
    [A lot of things were runnin’, through my head]

    [Been down and out and made it back before]
    [I knew how 2 deal drugs and run them whores]

    [Forgin’ checks so I could bust that paper]
    [Playin’ plastic, stings, no common caper]

    [Mark cards and I could throw them bones]
    [Squeeze a guy, collect on shark loans]

    [Me makin’ it back up, there was no doubt]
    [First came them guys, who tried 2 cash me out]

    [I got on the phone and called Freddy “D”]
    [Needed ‘My Dog’, 2 come shotgun 4 me]

    [”Guys up here needed a Peacekeeper.”]
    [“Grab yo shit and bring a Street Sweeper.”]

    [I needed a blunt and at lease some booze]
    [Flat on my back, THE SAGA CONTINUES]

    [Freddy “D” and The Monk, came n that very night]
    [Freddy “D” 2 the hospital, Monk out of sight]

    [When I said Street Sweeper, I did not mean Monk]
    [Even I was scared, of how that ***** thunk]

    [Monk did not talk, but was easy 2 read]
    [Just leave him alone r he’d make u bleed]

    [I could not move and I knew what I saw]
    [The gang could not have me, talk 2 the law]

    [Freddy “D” stayed near, watched my back]
    [Strapped, locked loaded and fully packed]

    [Monk played the bars and he shot good pool]
    [Listened real good, took *****s 2 school]

    [He played his role, pulled out all the stops]
    [Cruised around town and found the chop shops]

    [There were two good spots, with all the appearance]
    [Freddy ‘D’ asked me, I said same difference]

    [Let’s put an end 2 all this hyjackin’ shit]
    [Take them both out and others will not commit]

    [While I was gettin’ well, Freddy “D” called around]
    [We needed, more muscle, 4 the final crack down]

    [Gina and Marco, were n their own groove]
    [With the news, they wanted 2 bust a move]

    [She could drive, Marco a good soldier]
    [Needed more 4 ultimate closure]

    [Bennie from St. Louis, Pete from D.C.]
    [Good soldiers both, with a mean pedigree]

    [Chrissy, Jerome, Ronnie, Scatter came 2]
    [All good 4 doin’, what they had 2 do]

    [We needed to find out, all about the players]
    [Structure of the gang, with it’s different layers]

    [We placed our crew, n difference places]
    [Findin’ out the names and learnin’ faces]

    [Chrissy and Gina, stayed at the motel six]
    [They danced n the bars, the others hit the bricks]

    [Workin’ off the name, I gave Freddy “D”]
    [Chrissy found the cocksucker, who shot me]

    [The gang members would meet up at this bar]
    [Easy 4 our gals 2 spot who they are]

    [Their lips were loose, from drugs and the drinks]
    [Fucked up all around, nobody thinks]

    [Keepin’ yo mouth shut, one-o-one street smarts]
    [Openin’ them mouths up, were our gals’ arts]

    [Big Ed, the ringleader of the bunch]
    [His heart and head, always out 2 lunch]

    [Tongue wet 4 Chrissy, he made his plays]
    [Through all of that, we peeped their true ways]

    [Gina went with Chrissy, wherever she’d go]
    [Chrissy did that, Gina saw the other show]

    [Our crew dogged the gang and kept good notes]
    [Killin’, stealin’, sewin’ their wild oats]

    [Where, when and how, all their shit was known]
    [Through stupid ass acts, their game was shown]

    [My plans were simple and made graphi-cal]
    [Cars, vans and Guns bought up on the lo-cal]

    [Chrissy and Gina, each drove a van]
    [Carryin’ the crews, plus contra-band]

    [Each guy, 5 G from Freddy “D” up front]
    [Each spot, it’s crew’s personal treasure hunt]

    [Morphine stood by hooked up n a syringe]
    [Couldn’t fall apart durin’ my revenge]

    [Nobody would be left there behind]
    [Alive on their side r dead on mine]

    [Body bags 4 the dead, that wanted 2 go home]
    [Drugs 4 all of those, with wounds and just broken bones]

    [Split up n different cars, then soon after that]
    [Burn the guns with the vans, as a matter of fact]

    [We would all then go, our own separate ways]
    [Clear out of Phoenix, ‘fore a posse was raised]
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      "THE SAGA" (Part 3)

      [The show 2 start when I checked out the door]
      [Early o-three-hundred hours or four]

      [Three weeks later, I’m good 2 go]
      [It was time 2 start, the flo show]

      [Chrissy, me and some of the others]
      [2 W. Buckeye Road with our burners]

      [Gina, Marco, plus two and Pete]
      [Took weight 2 E. Van Buren Street]

      [I felt I’d put together good crews]
      [Kick off time THE SAGA CONTINUES]

      [Me, Scatter, Freddy ‘D’ through the front]
      [Big Ed was laid back, smokin’ a blunt]

      [Bennie and Monk, through the back]
      [They came first, with their attack]

      [Bullets flew and Big Ed hit the deck]
      [Then he did a reality check]

      [Round went off, my bulletproof vest]
      [Three of Bid Ed’s boys, failed their test]

      [Scatter clipped Big Ed, n the arm with his lead]
      [ Monk took out two, Bennie caught one n the head]

      [I caught Big Ed n his leg ‘fore I slumped 2 the ground]
      [Freddy ‘D’ jabbed me with the syringe, kept me inbound]

      [Monk and Scatter then gave us fire cover]
      [The gunfire seemed 2 go on 4-ever]

      [Big Ed now crawlin’, 2 make his way out]
      [The outcome near settled beyond a doubt]

      [The last two guys of Big Ed’s crew?]
      [Hands n the air, we shot them 2]

      [Scatter pumped Big Ed, with two more body shots]
      [He was still breathin’, but near dead n most spots]

      [Monk cut off Big Ed’s ear as he laid on the floor]
      [“The money and the dope r I’ll cut u some more.”]

      [Bid Ed was screamin’, as we stood over him]
      [Monk grabbed his hair, wanted 2 give it a trim]

      [“Don’t talk now”, said Monk. ”I’m just gettin’ started.]
      [U open yo mouth, I’ll be broken hearted”.]

      [Monk was startin’, 2 make me real sick]
      [Even I wished, Big Ed would die quick]

      [Pointin’ 2 a junk car he said, ”Under the seat.”]
      [Monk shoved a nail n his ear, we made our retreat]

      [Big Ed’s body got the shakes then froze]
      [An oriental trick, I’ve been told]

      [Near the back laid our one lost man]
      [We put his body n the van]

      Freddy “D’” helped me, out the back door]
      [Feelin’ better, I’d settled the score]

      [Freddy “D”, Monk, Scatter no scars]
      /[Chrissy drove our ass 2 the cars]

      [Gina with her guys were there waitin’]
      [Marco was n the back and bleedin’]

      [Bennie n a body bag, stuffed it n our trunk]
      [The fire 2 the vans, turned all that shit 2 junk]

      [Chrissy, Freddy ‘D’ and me, took Bennie home]
      [Freddy ‘D’ used pliers, on the wire n my chrome]

      [Sometime durin’ the trip I had a dream]
      [Tall man with shades a replay of a theme]

      [He said, ”U held on. Not bad.”]
      [I said, ”Thank u. Thank u dad.”]

      [We approached St. Louis from the west]
      [Morphine helped me with pain, jaw and chest]

      [Early 80’s after Taint crossed over]
      [Booker toe tagged and pushin’ up clover]

      [Me, Doll, Willie Carol, Drew and 2 Sweet]
      [With Drew and 2 Sweet bein’ the fresh meat]

      [“My Dog” Taint, left n a wrong time]
      [Died and left his loved ones behind]

      [His gals needed a guy, who was seasoned]
      [They leaned on me, 4 rhyme and 4 reason]

      [Drew understood, how the game had 2 go]
      [She and 2 Sweet, came 2 me with their doe]

      [Players on the set, soon called 4 orga-nation]
      meetin’ was set, 2 clear out conster-nation]

      [Problems came splittin’ up the terri-tory]
      [Wannabes wanted the name, fame and glory]

      [I grabbed my shit and left were I sat]
      [Next I heard, it was ratta tat tat]

      [The set became like the new O.K. coral]
      [*****s used pistols 2 settle a quarrel]

      [All that did was scare away the money]
      [Gals stayed n and all our ends got funny]

      [Me payin’ some ***** some dues?]
      [Not me, THE SAGA CONTINUES]

      [Never gave a shit, ‘bout which one won]
      [The damn bills kept comin’, life goes on]

      [If can’t do this, then u do that]
      [Broaden yo game, yo roll will stay fat]

      [Doll picked a pad and I forged that script]
      [Didn’t need 2 make a northern trip]

      [Drew tricked their landlord, Willie our desk clerk]
      [Still had the cab, I was out doin’ dirt]

      [When the gals boosted clothes, I’d block 4 them]
      [All game is fair game, u sink r u swim]

      [I dealt the clothes, out the trunk of my cab]
      [Drawers 2 dresses and all they could grab]

      [Then came that old domino effect]
      [One thing happened, then on came the next]

      [Drew and 2 Sweet became a lovin’ pair]
      [And stuck those needles when I was not there]

      [Drew was Taint’s lady and heart once before]
      [I thought about him, not what it called 4]

      [Throw them 2 the wolves, after doggin’ em out]
      [But I walked away, like a trick ass boy scout]

      [Willie felt that I, was not bein’ fare]
      [Wanted 2 make sure, I’d always be there]

      [After her comin’ up pregnant, with my kid]
      [Bitch turned me into welfare, 4 what I did]

      [Doll had been with me, through thick and thin]
      [She knew all of my good and all my sin]

      [We got into an arguemental fight]
      [She was wrong and I was not even right]

      [I threw shit all over the place]
      [She got loud, all up n my face]

      *[The cops came and wanted 2 know what it was about]
      [She whispered, “Shut up Rapp r I’ll start pointin’ shit out.”]

      [What held us together, had been that trust]
      [Her threat left nothin’, 4 us 2 disguss]

      [Either kill her because she knew 2 much]
      [R walk out that door and stay out of touch]

      [Joke r not, that was the final straw it took]
      [I left St. Louis without another look]

      [I did odd jobs, nothin’ really mattered]
      [My feelings hurt and my ego shattered]

      [I was broke and feelin’ lower then low]
      [Was goin’ through changes n Ohio]

      [Time went by, the weeks turned into months]
      [Doin’ self-therapy, usin’ blunts]

      [So there I was, gettin’ high on that roof]
      [The dick pulls up, with it’s burden of proof]

      [From line one, I talked about that escape]
      [If u forgot, then please review the tape]

      [I was now on my way, back 2 the hood]
      [Not knowin’ nothin’, about how I stood]

      [Down I-70, towards 18th and Cass]
      [Light years away, from the upper middle class]

      [I was still weak and my chest felt shoddy]
      [Freddy “D” and Chrissy did the body]

      [Called Bennie’s folks, told them what had went down]
      [Where his body lay, n which part of town]

      [Met his wife, gave her more then his share]
      [What Bennie lost, was more then what’s fair]

      [Almost over, but I owed Freddy “D”]
      [Chrissy’s ass, wanted 2 be up with me]

      [Our money all funny, I’m on my back]
      [We gave him the car and all of the crack]

      [We were cool and he’d wait on the rest]
      [He left Saint Lou, headed 4 Texas]

      [Me and Chrissy, got a crib 4 us]
      [Felt I had, a gal that I could trust]

      [Chrissy worked the streets, doin’ this and that]
      [I was gettin’ better, but still stood pat]

      [I felt that I, could take a turn at bat]
      [She said she would leave me and not come back]

      [”You been lucky, but u pressin’ that luck.”]
      [Said, “Go get a job”. I thought, “What the fuck??”]

      [I said, “Hold on bitch, I lays down the law”]
      [My fingers curled as I stared at her jaw.]

      [“U hit me, I’m still right, u just a punk.”]
      [What stopped me then, was how the bitch thunk]

      [Brain did a “U” turn, and got confused]
      [A square’s life, would leave my brain abused]

      [I was mad at her, still wanted 2 jump]
      [Me go out there, live the life of a chump??]

      [She stood her ground, waitin’ 2 see what I’d do]
      [I opened my fists, our relationship grew]

      [She threw me a smile and won the fight]
      [It all came down 2, “Was Chrissy right?”]

      [Fuck all y’all *****s, yeah I went that way]
      [I found a job and worked from day 2 day]

      [Left the streets and all those funny chances]
      [Me and her, still managed the finances]

      [Called Freddy “D” and he could not stop laughin’]
      [“U pussy whipped? When u gonna stop actin’?”]

      [That was back n the early nineties]
      [Freddy “D’ has since paid 4 his deeds]

      [I said, “***** please, and u better slow yo ass up 2.”]
      [He said, “Now u preachin’. Is that what u goin’ 2 do?]

      [“I’m n my forties and all I’ve got is a name.]
      [Maybe I’ll write a book and pass on the street game.]
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        All of the poems that I have posted on this forum are from a book I wrote entitled "Brother Rapp & His Crew" (A collection of streetwise literature for men). Having to print out copies of my book, I sought to be as economical as possible. Each page cost money. Therefore, I crammed things together. Lazyness caused me not to frame the lines better after entering this site for the purpose of displaying my work. I now fail to see the difficulty in reading them since I've edited them. The words are in English. If you can write in English how you can not read my words (which are in English), then I have to assume that your brain will not allow you to read my words, you're a liar and can read my words or you're a fuckin' idiot. Please clarify.
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