" My World, My Nothing"
I am tripping on my steps,
Falling flat on my face,
I am reviling the mask under the make up,
Screaming in this isolated place.
I am holding out my hand,
Waiting for someone to pull me in,
Into this warm happy friendly world,
Where no more sorrows are to begin.
But I know it will never happen,
It only lives in my dreams,
This is the real world where I live broken,
With invisible fraying seams.
Where my tears are my beautiful ocean,
My puddles mixed with blood and rain,
My room dark and shadowed,
It's essence holding my pain.
My comfort, my loneliness,
My heart, my lullaby,
My scars, my life story,
My silence, my cry.
My happiness, my memories,
My touch, my ease,
My fingers, my music,
My tricks, behind my sleeve.
My trying all wasted,
My words never meant a thing,
All of my tears were cried for nothing,
My hope only continues to sing.
My whole life shattered,
Everything I did was wrong,
And the person I am now,
Will soon also be gone.
"Sound of Your Heart"
Do you ever listen?
To the sound of your heart,
Do you ever notice that it gets slower,
When youíre falling apart?
Do you ever just sit?
And watch the rainfall,
Do you notice that it gets heavier?
When things are starting to stall.
Do you ever lie in bed at night?
And watch the stars in the sky,
Do you ever notice that when things are going wrong?
Can you see the brightness in them die?
Do you ever just sit and think?
About what is going on,
Do you notice that everything around you,
Is starting to fall?
Do you ever listen?
To the words that people say,
Do you notice that when youíre lost inside?
That the words sound far away?
Do you ever watch TV?
But your not watching it at all,
Do you ever notice?
That itís because an angel is starting to call?
Do you ever wish?
That you were not there,
In your heart,
You just donít feel like you care?
Now sit and listen,
Closely to the sound of your heart,
Listen to what it tells you,
It guides you while your falling apart.