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  • nicole

    march12 2007

    Half breed: A Metis woman journey
    By Maria Campbell

    Nicole Keewatin

    We are a bound people in modern society and that is the only way we live and thrive inside of it. We are worlds away from the actual understood living experience for a woman like Maria Campbell. Her challenges were her history about her native ancestral Metis people being ignored in society. She grew up in Prince Albert national park Saskatchewan until age fifteen. She wasn’t brought up in a modern technological age. Her difference is that when she was young even though her family faced financial poverty there was a point that they had unity. This wouldn’t seem like much to most people in her descriptions of Métis natives going to town on weekend. Their outings were in large groups, it was cultural identity with others.

    Red River Rebellion 1869-1883. Métis Claiming their entitlement to provincial lands was unsuccessful yet for a period of time they did experience a community life style. Métis had their own elected officials and community rules. There wasn’t intervention or enforced laws made by the government. There were tribal people’s whom did not ask for the same material life style as most Canadian settlers did. They did not also ask for help from outsiders to take care of them.

    This was the Red River Rebellion, in northern Saskatchewan 1870: Duck Lake, Boteche, Saint Louis and Saint Laurent. Louis Riel started the beginnings for the rebellion. 1883 rail road settlements were being put into action by the Canadian government. Louis Reil was sought after when he was in exile by Gabriel Dumont. Pound maker and big bear: chief’s renowned warrior’s joined forces as allies in 1884. Riel and Dumont were defeated in Boteche in 1884. (Campbell pg 6 1885) Louis Riel hanged in 1885. Gabriel Dumont and a hand full of men escaped to Montana. Pound maker and big bear surrendered and charged with treason; the total cost of the federal government to stop the rebellion was five million dollars.

    Maria In her book “Half breed” is reliving young Maria Campbell living in a more present age. She wouldn’t have seen the apartheids of the Red River Rebellion. Her eyes into her cultural past were placed in the knowledge of her grand mother Cheechum. Cheechum (1862-1966) was also a niece of Gabriel Dumont. Grandmother Cheechum taught Maria about pride in her people especially when their own community life style was starting to be disrupted. This is one of the examples of unwritten knowledge that was passed down from one generation to the next where Cheechum was a great source of Spiritual strength.

    Maria's life changed in a course when she was a young school girl whom enjoyed youth to being put more to work to try and save her family at twelve years old. In 1952 her mother died. In spite Of her Dad’s common law marriage to a woman named Sara; Maria was still left to the ultimatum to marry: Too try and save her family from being put into orphanages. At fifteen 1955 she had a bad marriage, On October 27 of that year and later in 1956 Sixteen year old Maria with new born daughter Lisa. Still she faced a great jeopardy: that she dreaded seeing most. She still lost her family of six siblings to the system. Then her husband abandoned her in the lower sides of the Vancouver city with nothing.

    After leaving her daughter in care of nuns over years Maria becomes acquainted with internal prostitution, where she was kept by a Madame. She escapes when a man saves her for a time spell. Maria didn’t love him she found a refuge and a great shame when her heroine abuse, takes over her state of mind. Another man whom was a drug dealer yet again saves her and encourages her to at least dry up. Maria dose eventually end her use of injecting heroine. On its own heroine biochemically for humans is extremely difficult to let go of as a habit: even for any one with encouragement top quit.
    Her next step was still accepting her self. She is still faced social trouble as a working woman alone in a community. Examples of her self esteem were placed in practicing her drinking and pill use an internal lash out at guilt and societal rejection.

    Still if the men in her life did not help at this time. Would she have left a doomed fate is unknown, yet take in for example, even when other people receive help like this in the same Situations, do they experience the same type of success of breaking out of a beaten past, such as hers. Their may not be an argument she was left with a great odds and developed her own successes on her own.

    She was the after math of a woman still in a culture that was unrecognized. She would only know to herself before the system took her family away at age 16: that she was the eldest daughter of seven children. The journey was truly to see herself and her capabilities as Maria Campbell. Half breed was published when she was 33 years of age in 1973. Her success in expressing her own cultural was the direct result of determination and influence.

    There is a death of a Red woman across Canada? What did Maria Campbell know, what made her different from thousands of native and Métis women? Aboriginal women status or none status whom did hurt their own lives with drug abuse and ultimately resulted suicides or drug over doses. Any one person can walk into the doors of alcoholics anonymous and explain a story of their lives and never have a change in it. Regardless of skin color it doesn’t matter if a person is a white Métis woman or dark native status aboriginal, in the program. It doesn’t matter with people, about ancestry in public worlds: unless people are engaged in the person and want to read and know who they are. This is why strong Para-phrases such as “word gets around” help benefit Maria to changed her own odds.

    She was taking into account of living example in her life watching her farther. Describing where her farther is troubled trying to get through to white delicates with in his own community. He was seeing betrayal with in his own people. This in term is a prime example for Maria Campbell: when she is intertwining with other native representatives in a rehabilitated system. She was years dry and ahead of her time, on her own. She was not out rightly asked to speak up before the public and write and described her own cultural markings.
    Where again when she dose speak and belong before people, she was not bitter and she did not make a point of herself as asking for credibility.
    Which are the fundamentals of enjoying half-breed as a reader whom did not experience a life like hers? She was taking the writers scope bringing a person back through written words to create the pictures of what it was like to be apart of her community in her time.

    To be in that two room house in Saskatchewan and live on an every day basis. Cooking and hunting for wild meat, and why it was dangerous. What it was like to watch as an outsider in a town and see what it was like for her people and how her people walked sullenly and saw what their surroundings of society.

    To know a grandmother like Cheechum in her eyes and understand her reason of how and why she was brought up to understand the importance of her own people. She could have disregarded coldly to her own community. When it was a time: when it was being unsettled. This was a crisis with sympathy causing the greatest distress on her farther. Her pride in being a young women taking care of a family of young siblings, whom couldn’t take care of them selves.
    She was working in condition that did not place relevancies to human rights or labor laws at all, of any kind. To understand a humbleness of doing something not to achieve a material goal for her efforts, it was for the love of her family. What she felt when they respected her, and what she felt when she was discouraged. How her farther and her spoke to her as an equals. Prevails, it was a dignity that she only knew from her relatives: especially her own parents. How could all be lost in a river of desolate female blood running through out city to city, condemning her faith, she had her own roots that wasn’t killing her soul it was making her still live.

    Last she did not have to make a point of her presence; where she was apart of a last standoff in the book. Delicates and officials gathered with a people of natives and Metie's alike: were going to speak up and say their dream in words for the government to understand in 1966. There were Canadian native and Metie's people living in beat and potatoes fields with out human rights. There she would be: speaking before negotiations she would be their in Saskatchewan and be their; telling her truth listening to voices cry out, and make clear to others what the voices of people were wanting. It was her grandmother’s dream and Maria Campbell was privileged. She was privileged to sit where the dream was possible.


    Half-breed: Copyright: 1973: Author: Maria Campbell: PUB: Toronto McClleland and Stewart
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    nicole keewatin


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      WOW. This thread CRACKED ME UP. Ahahahahahahahahaha.
      no dough ho, you can't fuck with me!


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        I'm just trying to put my picture up
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          Yep I see your picture. But this is the place where we post poems except if this is supposed to be a 1000-words poem I don't get.


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            Originally posted by Spotlight View Post
            WOW. This thread CRACKED ME UP. Ahahahahahahahahaha.
            Your avy cracked me up.

            you are such a largey.
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            now you have a video of me kicking my ass. That you will never post because there is not video.
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              Alright I have one piece

              If you're terrible
              By nicole keewatin
              Thier were some things you said
              I didn't want to hear
              It left a spell in my mind
              and all I feel was an out burst of rage
              and I wondered if the world created all
              of my fear
              If I could make it as easy
              as easy as turning a page
              I've seen red, I've seen violence
              I don't feel good
              I could pretend to play the violins
              If I could change it for you
              you know that I would
              Please forgive this heart breaker
              you're voice still
              comforts me
              we can never live any better or ever truley be free
              If you're terrible
              I'm awful
              you're the only man, I want to hold
              My heart will tremble, you're so beautiful
              awfull memories who needs them
              thier is
              nothing more to explain
              or see
              who could really
              judge you
              you're a victim
              and all those bad words
              came from me
              this isn't my
              you're real and real too touch
              you're the only man
              i could ever
              ever love
              Kiss me truly, I love you're body
              I'll forgive it, I'll forget it
              I'll let it go
              I promise you this
              oh I promise you this
              Garald I love you
              and my words are as solid as stone
              you're the prince of my passion
              and I will always be here
              if you're terrible
              I'm awful
              You're the only man, I want to hold
              My heart will tremble
              You're so beautiful
              And good, too say good bye
              we grow old and die
              and I will live alone
              in a world were we clashed
              you're a dimond, I'm ash
              and I can cry and cry
              you were the master piece of my eyes
              did you think
              all I told you was lies
              and I'm awear oh I'm awaer love , can fade and
              it may not seem fair
              if it led onto this
              I loved every single kiss
              oh I loved every kiss
              and you're
              looking back at a deserted Empress
              I'm the lonely girl that tried to love you
              I'm the quenn of dirty air
              I'm the lonely girl that
              tried to love you
              I'm the queen of dirty air.
              That was for my ex Garald
              love nicole
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              nicole keewatin



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