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    Heyyyy...I know this piece is a bit long, but it's a story revolving me and my ex. We were together for a year and a half, lived together, annnnd were almost engaged...read the story and find out what happens

    A man’s heart crumbles to pieces, as he’s showing his weakness…
    He watches the love his life get up and start leaving.
    Finding it hard to breathe in, his heart is distorted beyond repair,
    As his delirious conscience constantly sees a figure no longer there.
    Life isn’t fair…Why does any person have to feel this pain?
    Driven insane, the only confiding sound to him is the pattering of rain.
    A permanent stain, the story unravels daily, making it hard to awake,
    Heart full of hate…Dreams don’t exist, and he no longer believes in fate.
    At a weary mental state…How was this story even put into action?
    How could one man’s love eventually turn into his fatal attraction?
    An epic story follows the inquiry, as it ends in an infamous tone,
    It begins with love and happiness and happens to end instantly alone.
    This man met this girl, with no intentions of love…he followed in lust,
    Because as he began to converse, he would see that he wasn’t enough.
    Their conversations deepened, and at a parallel his feelings did the same,
    His heart grew for her dreams, and he’d fall more at every word she’d say.
    The circumstances went against him, so his emotions would never show,
    She could never know…Every mention of a guy delivered another blow…
    Hidden under a smile, he would offer any advice instilled in his soul,
    Hoping that one day that she might choose his heart to hold…
    As a year would pass, he kept her oblivious to his inner passion,
    And with the jokes and laughing, he concealed a love that’s everlasting.
    They became the best of friends, every action involved them together,
    All the while he kept the dream…they would be more then friends forever.
    Patient and true, he stayed by her side through any problem she’d face,
    And through any pain that she would feel, he made an attempt to erase.
    A huge part of one another, together they would take a walk to remember,
    Everything they would face would bring them to the 2nd day in September.
    The date began the mark of the storybook love, they were greater then friends,
    But it seems that every romantic novel contains the same cliché ends…
    Everything was perfect, both beings would remain helpless in love,
    Constant kisses and hugs, together everyday…but it was never enough.
    But times would get rough…his family would seemingly drive him away,
    Skies constantly grey, his own blood would seem to leave him astray…
    But she would ask him to stay, which started a new chapter in the tale,
    Finding a home would finally fail, as his friend would constantly bail.
    At a similar financial situation the two lovers decided to make a leap…
    As they would come together on paper, and put both names on a lease.
    They would combine under a roof, a huge step for any couple alive,
    But swallowed by vibe, this man began to think how he could ever survive…
    Without her by his side. Months would pass with infinite smiles,
    As they would become closer then ever with intimate trials.
    But every story has a conflict…and this one wouldn’t escape,
    Problems would arise…Certain situations would open the gate
    To fights and confrontations, it would soon become too much to handle,
    The fire blown from a candle, the end began as she reached for the handle.
    Financial issues brought on fights, these fights would hurt their love,
    At a constant tension, the two would no longer embrace or hug.
    They attempted stay together, but any attempt would completely diminish,
    Fights would prove too much, and January 19th their relationship finished.
    Their lives would drive them apart, and in an attempt not to be rude
    The man would decide to pack his stuff as he intended to move.
    The two would have constant attempts at friendship…all ended in pain,
    And after everything they had experienced, neither would ever be the same.
    Both seemed to handle the hurt different…both tried not to think,
    So she turned to books and dance, while the man began to drink.
    Constantly under the influence, he could no longer determine the real,
    Cause the alcohol in his system would drown any pain that man would feel.
    It would inhibit his will to heal, so his heart remained eternally shattered,
    “Did I ever really matter? Why? How?” his thoughts constantly scattered.
    Every song brought upon her presence, she stayed reminiscent in his head,
    Always thinking of what to tell her…but his words were never said.
    Always positive with hope, his dreams were shot down in an instant,
    She met another man…and he knew that their love really was finished.
    No bottle would quench the pain, every thought would make it worse,
    And everything that he possessed brought back everything that hurts.
    But he would finally take control, alcohol would no longer take a hold,
    He would no longer grab the bottle, and being drunk was finally left alone.
    The ending of this story…this tale trails at a constant winding with bends,
    Are the two finally friends? Will love show them a sign ever again?
    The best stories in life are the ones that keep the reader with a question,
    As this story continues to unravel and keeps the two characters guessing.
    It’s the responsibility of the characters to determine what they want to see…
    As the narrator and the character share the same heart, that decision is left to me.

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    ehh man i thought this was interesting i liked it.
    Anger in words... I enjoyed this one.. what does everyone else think ?


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