See why so many of our hearts blow cold?
You greeted me with ghosts of sorrow, old
Wounds you're afraid I'll re-expose.
But as soon as I show I'm willing to hold

Onto this feeling, you ask me, "let go,"
Claiming fate will decide if we're meant to grow;
Until then, this distance between us is too
Large to be filled by the feelings we share.

This is deeper than care, but you hesitate
To embrace what's most rare in fear I'll
Share my attention with an honorable
Mention. All I can do is show and prove,

But we're caught in a standstill because you're
Afraid to move, choosing your doubts over
The words from my mouth, the downpour from your past
Over our love's forecast. I promise we'll last.

I refuse to believe love ever has
Been stronger between two like you and I.
So why would we ever smite the Sky,
When the truth is seen when we're eye-to-eye?

I just need you to believe. I'm shirtless,
And exposed - no tricks up my sleeve. So you
Can let drain that ocean of tears that's
Left you stranded on Heartbreak Island for years.

- 31 Jan, 2010