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A poem that can relate to almost everyone's lives ((READ!!))

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  • A poem that can relate to almost everyone's lives ((READ!!))

    Yo this is a poem I wrote a couple of months ago that alotta people saw and they all think is hot as shit, becuz from what they say they can all relate to it, but I wanna see what y'all think, so lemme know...it's called "The Truth"

    Why are we given feelings, if we can never properly use them?
    Why should we ever use them to love someone, when people clearly just abuse them?
    Most people will be quick to turn you down, without ever giving you a chance
    For they still have the same impression of you, that they had at first glance
    You try to show them the real you, but they still disrespect you
    You try to be in they`re lives, but yet deep down you know they`d never possibly let you
    You offer your heart, and they just straight up reject you
    Then you wonder what in the world would you have to do, for them to accept you?
    Although the love for someone, could never be compared
    It will only have true meaning, if it is equally shared
    Why do the best type of girls, go with the worst type of guys?
    You know what he`s like, but then when you get hurt you act all surprised
    When opportunity knocks, why do most people become blind? Why do their minds become blank?
    It`s too late when they finally realize their mistake, and they have no one but themselves to thank
    If you would only listen, I`d tell you the truth about how I feel
    Although deep down I know you`ll just laugh, if I tell you the deal
    You say I`m not your type, but we both know that`s a lie
    How could you turn your back on me, when all he`ll ever do is make you cry
    Who cares what he does, or the things that he`s bought
    For theres nothing he could offer, that you know I could not
    To move on and forget about you, is a promise to myself that will have to be kept
    For to think I`ll never be with you, is a hard thing for me to accept
    So I guess you got a man, maybe one day you`ll even become his wife
    Just remember I could do more for you in one minute, then he could ever do in his life

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    ..this is sooo true, dope song, i really like it..and i realy feel it...

    ...i liked this :Most people will be quick to turn you down, without ever giving you a chance ...

    ..yeah i can relate to the song fo sho..


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        ur so right man but once again its the way the world works no wonder it spins on a fukin diagonal axes. Yea i can relate so can just about everybody i know its painful but as every1s told me it gets easier but that first special person will always stay in ur heart and nobody understands that u just want 2 b with this person cause u know that its right and its good and nobody will ever see wat u see in that person or treat them the way u would.

        "Just remember I could do more for you in one minute, then he could ever do in his life"-best description of a cockspank bf ive ever read lol

        peace man and keep writtin that peace was real tight


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          That was great.. I have a friend in that situation now.. I am sending her this poem you wrote.. to maybe help her I hope... show her that this guy she loves is a fag who only used her for one thing.. and disrespects her behind her back.. I must say good poem/song!!!

          keep it up..... I wrote one as well It is on here if you wanna look a it.. I sent it away to a contest.. name is Manders.. you'll see it
          "There is no greater sorrow then to recall happiness in a time of misery"

          [email protected]


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            like it!!!!
            i got the last line memorized in my head, lol it jus stuck there.

            but anywayz, hope ta see mor from ya!:D
            ... it's no surprise, that I got lost in your brown eyes ...


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              dude, I really felt that one. I know where you're coming from with that. good stuff

              ~1 love~

              "You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house, and if you gotta glass jaw, you should watch your mouth, cause I'll break your face..............." -50 Cent-


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                The truth about the poem

                This poem is true blue. Thats what makes life a challenge.

                My message and cure to this poem is:

                Find yourself, love yourself and the right ones come to you. Everything, everyone else, won't matter deep deep down.

                Other side of it. Bad events make us stronger its up to us to decide what we do with the negative stuff.......Peace

                Nice poem
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                  Not to be an asshole or something, but I remember seeing this poem somewhere else. Or maybe you just used some of the guys lines or maybe you two are the same people, but his was called "Feelings" Dunno, whoever wrote it, it's a good poem.


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                    HardHitter, where did you read "Feelings" from? I'm the same guy that wrote that, but I don't think I ever posted it online....I've posted this poem at a couple of places on the internet, MusicFanTalk.com and a few others, but I don't really remember all of them, usually under tha name Life_In_Da_Bean or whatever....where was it at? The only place I remember showing people that poem was at school...holla back


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                      I read it in someones AIM profile, so they probably got it from one of the fourms or something. No hate.


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                        wasup! just like to say that shit was da shnizzit yo! it is tha truth !it was really good!~~


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                          fuck man that shit is so fucken true.............................................. .it jus rolls around in my head,
                          i cannot forget,
                          its true wot u say,about sum bitches today,i feel that rhymme in everyway,
                          i say hay never let ur talents go,
                          cos they sure do flow,wadda go!!!!!!!

                          listen up please could u giv me sum websites where i can post sum rhymmes!:}
                          cos jus like u i frastraited i wanna get my rhymming noticed!
                          take one step at a time and ur climb tha ladder of crime!


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                              yo this shit is so true about me and this girl...i started messing wit and we feel in love wit eachother but she had a man she couldnt leave..and now they broke up so i think i got a chance...but she still is attatched to him..ah well....good poem to read...makes even better when u can relate its real..i gotta get back into writing poetry..now i just rap if u can check out my new track just imagine...in the link in my sig thanks..
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