people feedin off malicious kisses, empti wishes risin from targets, n misses
sayin a womans place iz 2 do tha dishes but lets be real
a womans gonna say wat she feels n there aint no deal imma make scrapin off ya meal
from ya plate, if u think that way im sorri you makin a mistake
i will not relate only retaliate, im an equal, infact much better than sum,
such as tha pussy men who beat they ladies n they mum
this world is vicious thas why dreams seem so delicious but u cant jus close yur eyes n say they'll come tru
you gotta work hard for wat u want, it wont jus come 2 you
do wat u gotta do n only listen 2 few that will hate, because tha hataz tell yur flaws
wat parts suck, n wats tha cause, but neva put on pause tha things always in reach
people steppin in line 2 b my teach, but i dont need u 2 preach, i can do it on my own
used 2 b so dependent on help, but independent i have grown
my tru colors have been shown, my innocence n disbelief has almost been thrown
this world will kill you with empti promises n fake love
but yur mind is all you need when u let push come 2 shove
i kno you kno exactly what i mean
when i tell you all you need in life is to believe in yur own dream
when they put u down, jus push harder n they'll see that you dont care
cause when you hear they hate on yur kno that you dont fear
dreams r our laufter and our tears,
tha only thing thats optional if we do or do not share
so hold it close n NEVER forget what you wanna do
NEVER let go of sumthin thats important to YOU