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  • Rip

    Hope I dont get any biters ... its really long ;;

    Theres something stirring inside of me that I cant seem to explain
    Its a wierd type of pain, leeking out of my viens
    Slowly as my pillow begins to change from white to red
    The colors which I cant seem to sum up in my head
    Because everyone seems to describe how wonderful color makes the world
    If thats the case, Im color blind, I cant see any good in this girl
    Staring at me in the mirror that I want to break like the glass
    Then I watch the clock tick, the time goes by so fast
    I cant take any of it back as it passes me by, I waste it
    Then again its not me who wastes it, its those who allow me to take life and hate it
    While I sit and think of suicide through out the day and nothing else,
    Some times it feels like dying would be the only way to escape this hell,
    I find as Im writing this poem the pain eases but still
    I feel a need to slit my wrists, an incision that could lead to my kill
    But Im not the one who deserves death, its not my fault
    Yet I seem to hate myself for crimes I didnt commit at all
    And Ive lost my trust in almost everyone that I see
    Id rather be locked up in a dark room with nothing but CDs
    No matter how much I write, the pain is still there and it wont go away
    So Im wanting to take back the time I threw the blades away
    Im wanting to have those who hurt me watch the blood pour out of my viens
    Im about to take the blade to my left wrist, slash and erase the pain
    And I hide it, but when my friends find out they threaten to turn their backs
    Expecting that if I stop bleeding life will improve just like that
    Its kind of scary, Im praying for my dads death in the back of my head
    But I know when he goes, Ill be the one wishing myself death
    And I already am, Im so confused and I feel like Im surrounded by walls
    With no doors to open, no windows to crawl, nothing at all
    I feel like Ive met death and shook its hand, it tried to tempt me
    But I had to back out, yet Im praying for death to get me, Im empty
    Wishing I could reverse to the day I was born when my life was on the edge
    The doctor had a choice: Either me or my mom dead
    But some how he managed to save us both, and why? Ill never understand
    I know I should be thanking him, but Im in so much pain, I hate the man
    I want to kill everyone I see now, even those who show me respect
    I cant seem to think of any situation other than death
    And I ask God why Im being so tortured repeatidly, Im in pain
    If pain didnt come this often, then I wouldnt feel so betrayed
    But depression just lingers, follows me where ever I go
    Never leaving, endless suffering, its like my shadow, and Ill never know
    Why Im so stuck on it, I shouldve known not to take life and throttle it
    Yet I took 14 years of pure hell and just bottled it
    And now that Ive opened up, I feel worse but better too
    Im upset to know its there, that its not a dream, this is really true
    And if life is a test, Im passing it cheating by cutting my wrists
    Im so close to getting caught cheating, thats when the cuts turn into slits
    And I fell unconcious once, will it happen again, or will I not survive
    Instead of regretting an attempt at suicide, I thought "Why am I still alive?"
    And Im still sitting watching the clock tick away at my past
    I know I cant take any of the seconds back as they pass
    And If I cant do that, and I cant save time or stop it
    Then maybe instead of wasting it daily, I should take life and drop it
    Im about to collapse, I can feel myself tipping over, none of my wounds mending
    Now no one is watching, Im going to let suicide walk its way into my life and end it
    Then Ill stop hearing the tick of the clock thats been filling life with torture
    Shell end up in hell for suicide, God will just hate her and scorch her
    Right? Thats what scares me, but I dont understand any of it
    Suicide comes out of depression, so if it happens, why be more punished for nothing
    The pains still there, the clocks still ticking, whats going on now
    I need to keep cutting my wrists, watch the red pain leak out
    Im not doing this to myself, its you who possesses me to stab my wrist
    Drag the blade, no pain I feel, it all fades and now its just there in the midst
    Some one give me back my blades, or Im using the knives
    It happend so fast I couldnt think twice about life
    The world is a crime scene, my existence is the crime, and I am the suspect
    Some one's reporting the crime, the sins, to God and I am the subject
    But who cares about me? No body, so screw life, Im about to kill it
    I can feel everything building up, take my suicidal thought and fullfill it
    The clock stopped ticking, suddenly hell is over, suicide solved my issues quick
    By taking the blade and making a slit, by taking a knife, I mis-used it
    Now as this pain on my back no longer increases,
    I wonder what they'll tell me: Rest In Peace, or Rot In Pieces?
    I feast upon the weak, so speek beef - I'll shoot you n scream "Increase the peace!" - Kuniva

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    woah, I like that poem very emotional, sad though


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      it was nice, good work
      "This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This town like a great big pussy jus' waitin' to get fucked."


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        Thanks <3
        I feast upon the weak, so speek beef - I'll shoot you n scream "Increase the peace!" - Kuniva


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          suicide (and cutting, etc.) is not a subject to be taken lightly. it's scary and i've recenetly dealt with it personally. if you or anyone you know ever considers it, please reconsider. life is too precious and there are other ways to cope; it solves nothing. please keep this in mind and remember that the dark clouds will lift. you are not alone, remember that. this too shall pass and you will see that. contact me if you want, take care

          aim - idioteque182
          msn - [email protected]
          icq - 211613003


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            i liked that alot 'man'(?).. it was awesome. Did you actually do the stuff it says? If so i hope things are better now.
            .:The 13th Chamber:.
            -The 13th chamber is as cold as a tomb,
            and its dark in ur room, when we all sneak to ur bed to pour salt in ur wounds-




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              i liked that alot...nice
              ~*~I dream of angels, but live among demons~*~


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                wow nice thats awsome good job!!


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                  Ha, I used to do vent pieces like that.. that was awesome.

                  You should seperate lines though so it's easier to read.

                  Great work.
                  Now let the night be dark for all of me.
                  Let the night be too dark for me to see
                  Into the future. Let what will be, be.'


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                    Originally posted by Ex Limit

                    The world is a crime scene, my existence is the crime, and I am the suspect
                    thats a powerful line^^.

                    that was enrapturing and harsh.

                    good to see ya postin!!



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